My Relationship with Vanta (3/3)

Also, Vanta paid tremendous energy on ensuring that I had tremendous sex. It started already, in the morning. Naturally, I got an erection. In the book she gave me, this was also explained. During the night hours, my bladder was filled with urine. This led to a better flow of blood through my penis and this led to a wonderful erection. Vanta was at every morning, looking for it. We laid in bed, sometimes we held each other and other times, we don’t, but sooner or later, her hand came and looked for my penis. Either he was erected already or not. But in case he was not, she would get him up quickly.

Sometimes her small leg slid over my body and once she felt that my dick was hard, she immediately started touching and wanking him. Sooner or later, we fucked a little bit and before I came, I pulled him out. Then we waited. The next time we would fuck, it could happen e.g. in shower or after breakfast. The locations were always changing. But the overall rhythm was the same – fuck, break, fuck, and break. That was the rhythm as days passed.

In the afternoon, she might meet a man who she could bring to our apartment, then he would fuck her. I watched them and jerked, or joined in fucking her. Vanta took care when the client was coming, but I normally didn’t come. I waited until the night was coming for me to shoot out my cum. This way, I could sleep well and my penis could recover until the next morning, so we could start the cycle again. Of course sometimes, I came by accident or by fucking other women. If I come, I rested a while and sooner or later, Vanta came to make him hard again. Then the entire rhythm will start again – fuck, break, fuck, break.

I always tried to film our sex. It was not always possible as I was often too lazy to get the camera e.g. anytime I wake up and we have sex. Or in other situations, it was too dark or the camera could not really see what was going on. Nevertheless, most of the time, I could film our sex. This inspired me to always try something new. Why should I film my sex with Vanta when we always would do it in the same way? Then we could edit all our sexual activities into one movie only. No, I wanted to have a variety of porn movies with Vanta and so I fucked her always, in different positions, different locations, with different cloth and with a large variety of sex toys.

I filmed a lot of porn material with Vanta and I absolutely enjoyed editing it. Making your own porn movies actually gives you three times pleasure -first by fucking and filming, then by editing and masturbating and then, by watching the movie and masturbating.

Consequently, I masturbated a lot. Vanta didn’t mind that almost anytime a porn movie was running on our TV or on my laptop, I jerked off on it. Sometimes, she came and watched a few minutes with me, but she was not really attracted by it. Sometimes she started kissing me on my legs and balls,  and then I’ll know that she wanted to fuck and I had to stop jerking. She then could start sucking me or could climb directly on my dick. Then we fucked a bit and when I needed a break, we stopped and had a break. Every day, my life with this woman, and my rhythm, got stranger and stranger – fuck, break, fuck, break.

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