My Relationship with Vanta (1/3)

Looking back, it was during the first days, after we opened Fat Man’s Bar, that my relationship with Vanta became serious. Of course our relationship was always weird. We were an old, destroyed fat guy and a young dirty whore. Nevertheless, we still learned, in those days, that we complemented each other. As strange as it may sound, we increasingly grew together. However, I was never sure if it was the same for her than it was for me.

When Vanta moved into my hotel room, our relationship got closer and closer. She was not only the model that opened her legs for me when I paid her for. She really became my friend and even my girlfriend in a way. Of course it was not the normal girlfriend boyfriend relationship. I continued to fuck other women and she fucked many more men. She was bitching around, everywhere she could. My friends, other hotel guests and even when we went out, she still tried to get in contact with other men.

Wherever possible, she tried to make money. Sometimes, I thought that she needed not only the money, but also the sex. That might have been the case because she was hunting men quite aggressively. But I never said a word. Sometimes, she even started talking about prizes when I stood next to her. I didn’t mind that she got fucked by other men. At first, she was just a model bitch, to me, that sucked and fucked for cash but then, my feelings changed. People saw us as boyfriend and girlfriend. When we went to the beach, the tourists thought she was mine. I felt proud when they watched us jealously. I felt proud that I had such a beautiful girlfriend. But soon, the other men realized that my girlfriend was also interested in them. Vanta realized immediately, when other men were staring at her. She even provoked them by smiling back or saying hello to them. She approached them and started a conversation, or she was posing her bum to them. Sometimes, she spread her legs to let other men look under her skirt. She also liked to slide her tongue over her lips, just to turn on another man. She couldn’t be quiet and always had to approach other men. She always started a conversation with other men and introduced me as her boyfriend, which made me really proud. But sooner or later, she talked to them about meeting her privately. Vanta was always leading the conversation toward this topic – having paid sex with her.

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