Vanta’s Morning Fuck (2/2)

I could hear water making the typical shower sound and I couldn’t stop my curiosity. Somehow, I had to know what was going on. Probably, I would get more confused once I look into the ice box of my little fridge. I never used this little ice box anyway. It was too small to put anything meaningful inside, and I only used the fridge anyhow, to store beer and soda water there. The soda water will be chilling cold once I mix it to a whisky soda. But why did Vanta use the ice box?

I had a look and what I found was deeply, shocking me. It was not much worse than I expected. There was more than just one bag, with toilet paper, inside the ice box. There was a large plastic bag, stuffed with more plastic bags, and only one of the smaller plastic bags contained the toilet paper with my cum. What did all of this mean? I could easily separate the new plastic bag with the toilet paper of this morning from the older ones, as they were already frozen. But when were the frozen toilet papers added and from whom was it coming from? I thought about it and came to the conclusion that it could only come from last night – from William and me. But when my hands went deeper inside the large plastic bag, there was more to come. Behind the frozen toilet paper were condoms -used condoms. Some were mine, I guessed. I remembered to have used e.g. a red one. But there were also those of the other men Vanta served the last days. At least I guess those condoms belong to Yegor and Leonard, William and maybe, the Arabian guy she told me about.

I went back to the bed after I put everything back as I found it. I was totally shocked. Vanta was collecting used condoms. Why? Why would she collect them and store in the ice box of our fridge? I had no clue. The longer I thought about it, the more confused I got. Now, I remembered that Vanta was often collecting cum, however, I thought that she would only collect it to throw away later. Never would I have thought that she might collect sperm. Hit by this deep confusion, I started to question everything. I went through all the ladies I fucked while I was in Pattaya and suddenly, I remembered that some of them collected the used condoms too.  Definitely not all of them collected cum as sometimes, I did throw my condom away. Nevertheless, many times, they did collect it and disappeared with a used toilet paper or condom. I remembered a massage in a simple spa, close to my hotel. The woman jerked me off and let my cum fill a toilet paper. But after she released me, she took the toilet paper and left the room. I thought that she would dispose it. But did she really do it?

I started to remember several occasions where the girl disappeared with the used condom or tissue. Was I mad? I thought they threw the stuff away. Maybe they did? Probably I was getting crazy and made a story out of something which could be easily explained. When I started to relax, another lighting stroke me – Vanta’s mother. I fucked her at a massage spa. I wanted to have sex with her to see how she performs compared to Vanta. That was crazy and dirty. But I clearly remembered that she left the room with my used condom. I remembered it so clearly, because I found it strange back then as there were so many trash bins in that room. So why did she carry my load to another room?

I felt, with 100% certainty, that on that day, my load did not end up at a trash bin. It was put in plastic bag and stored in an ice box. An ice box probably bigger than the one I had in my room. But in this icebox, there were not only a few toilet papers and some few condoms like there were in my ice box. In this fucking ice box, were all the used condoms and papers of the entire spa? How many would that be? I don’t know and somehow, I didn’t want to know. I felt confused and I felt disgusted. It was too much for me and my mind protected me from thinking more about it. Maybe it also protected me to find out the truth, by asking Vanta. I don’t know why, but I just fell to sleep.

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