Vanta’s Morning Fuck (1/2)

Now, I wanted to have sex too. The things she told me about her early visit to Steward this morning, made me hard. On the other side, I still felt sleepy as I just woke up a couple of minutes ago. Vanta sensed that I was excited about the story she told me. She slid her head under the blanket and searched for my wiener. She found my best piece and before I could say much, she was taking him into her mouth and sucked him. “Just let me sleep,” I thought, but my penis was already inside her mouth and she sucked him well.

I started to feel better and my dick was producing this energy again – this energy that even seemed to heal my headaches – my pain. It felt better and better, and I would have loved to blow my load into her mouth, so she could have a taste. She made me moan. However, not for long; soon, Vanta was climbing on my body and she was moving her butt on my face. She wanted a 69 position, where I can eat her pussy while she blows me.

Things even got better once she climbed over my dick to ride me. It was a reversed cow girl position. So, I could only see her back, but my eyes were closed anyway. That felt so good this morning. It felt like medicine for my body. Now my brain became clean again. Cleaned up by this beautiful energy that was produced by my penis and was transported by my penis’ muscles to my back bone. From there, it was floating toward my brain and it cleaned out all that didn’t belong there. Vanta turned around on my dick, to fuck me in an Asian Cowgirl position. This way, her knees looked upwards and she was jumping up and down my penis. That felt so good. I had to watch her fucking me.

I kept my eyes open and enjoyed what I saw. My big penis was getting fucked by little Vanta. She moved up and down, and I could watch it like I watched a porn movie. My meat was gliding inside her and when Vanta moved her butt upwards; my meat was moving out of her pussy. I watched her, I watched me, and it felt so good.

She was moving faster and faster, up my dick. Then she couldn’t hold it anymore. She was having a loud orgasm. An orgasm so loud, our neighbors could definitely hear it. This scream was full of energy and through the strong pushes of her vagina, this energy was pushed into my penis. He couldn’t handle that much energy and lost control. I also came and shot my orgasm into her vagina. I still could see her moving up and down. I pumped more and more cum inside her and soon, I could also see a white juice getting distributed over my penis by Vanta’s vagina. Suddenly, her moves stopped and she collapsed over my body.

We rested for a while before Vanta got up and went to the toilet. My eyes followed her and I could see that she didn’t shower my cum off her body. This I would have expected. But no, she took toilet paper and intensely cleaned her vagina with it. Somehow, this looked odd to me; however, yet, it didn’t confuse me that much. But then, she took the toilet paper, with my cum, and went to the fridge. What the hell was she doing? She put the sperm contaminated toilet paper into a plastic bag and dropped it into the ice box of the fridge. She did this in a very natural way, as she didn’t see her behavior as strange. But I did think about it as very strange and I was very confused. After closing the fridge, she went for a shower.

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