Steward II

When I woke up, I heard the door open. Vanta was back, but from where? She wore a jogging short and t-shirt as if she has been in the gym. Then I remembered that she had an appointment with Steward. I immediately got curious about what happened and asked her. “I sucked him,” she replied.

I was not satisfied with that and as soon as she lay down next to me, she explained further. She opened the door to his room, with his room key, and entered it. The room was dark and she didn’t switch on anything. She was carefully walking inside without making any noise. He was still sleeping on the bed. She went to the bathroom and made a small towel wet. With this wet towel, she went to his bed and slid under the blanket. He started to wake up, but kept his eyes close. She cleaned his penis and started to suck him. It took a while till he was coming. First, she took his load into her mouth, and afterwards, she spits it into one of her small plastic bag that she brought for this purpose.

When she crawled out of the blanket, he was smiling at her. He pointed towards the small bedside table and said, “Come again tomorrow.” On the bedside table was a bundle of money. Vanta took it, said good bye and left. “Easy money,” she happily said to me and smiled.

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