Dreaming about Vanta

After William left the apartment, Vanta and I went to bed. It has been a day full of events and even Vanta seemed to have had enough for one day. Holding each other tight, we fell into sleep. I had a very deep sleep, but woke up at night and had to think about my life. What was I doing here? I have only been thinking about sex since I got here. Everything else didn’t matter to me anymore. Why can’t I leave this place and the 18 year old whore, and start somewhere afresh. O.K. my old life in Europe was gone and I couldn’t return there. But there are so many other places in this world where I could go. Why Thailand? Why Pattaya?

I could go to Hong Kong. I know some people there. I know Mr. Wong, the guy who… Everything went wrong and I lost everything – my company, my job and my wife. However, that was the wrong sequence. I lost first, my wife. I saw her with my own eyes. Saw her meeting with my partner, Stephan. Stephan and I were building up the company from the scratch. I think I worked more than him still, both of us owned the same share. We almost made it. We had the deal of our life in our hands. A deal that would have made us even richer. He and I could have had all the ladies in the world. So why did he fuck my wife? I didn’t get it.

We have been friends for so long. We had been friends much longer than I have been with Hannah. When did he start fucking her? I didn’t know. Maybe he was fucking her before we got married. I had no idea and I probably would never have. But I knew since the day I got the confirmation that a client would like to buy our software. It was the first time  I heard the amount they were willing to spend for our product. We’ve been working for years on that software. This time, I came home earlier from my trip and it was like a cheap stupid soap opera. The husband returned home earlier to his wife. The only reason why I returned that early was because I made the deal of my life on this trip. It was the deal of our lives actually – Hannah’s, Stephen’s and mine.

As soon I recognized Stephan’s car in front of my house, I knew that something was wrong. I knew exactly what was going on. There was no other reason why his car would be in front of my home at this time of day. I heard them fucking upstairs, but I couldn’t believe it. But it was easy to get the proof, the final proof. I left my home that same day because I couldn’t believe what I just saw. My best friend was fucking my wife! On the day of my biggest success, it was destroyed by my wife and my best friend. Instead of parties and great plans for a better life, I went to a cheap hotel and filled myself up with cheap whisky, and prayed to god that he would let me die.

Laying in my bed in Pattaya, I was thinking about my past until I fell asleep again. Not because I was tired. I guess my mind wanted to protect me against going through all the pain that followed my day of destruction. But it was a weak sleep, full of bad dreams. Dreams about the videos I recorded with Stephan and Hannah the following weeks. I wanted to know what I was certain of already. The videos proofed it once again. I installed the cameras before I left for my next business trip. Also, I didn’t tell anybody that our client wanted to buy our product. I simply said that I needed to visit them again. Stephan virtually spent hours at our home. I saw them laughing about me – the fool who did everything for his wife and his partner. The fool that made them rich and then, got betrayed by the two persons he loved most in his life.

In my dream, I saw Stephan fucking my wife again. They laughed about me and joked about how easy it was to use me. They even laughed about Vanta, even though they didn’t know her. But dreams can be weird. However, once my dream focused on Vanta, Hannah and Stephan disappeared as two ghosts that were expelled by another ghost. Vanta seemed to be a more powerful ghost. But the dream was still very strange. Vanta was fucking in my dream, just as Hannah did before. She was fucked by everyone and in the most disgusting ways – in the ass, in the mouth and in the pussy. Vanta took it from everyone and just said thank you – men shot cum on her face, her belly, her asshole and vagina. At the end, Vanta disappeared in a lake of sperms from thousands of men. She didn’t drain in this lake like someone who couldn’t swim. Vanta swallowed it like a fish in a lake, who swallows the water to breathe. In the same way, Vanta swallowed all the cum in the lake of thousands of men.

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