William fucks Vanta’s Anal (2/2)

William was explaining what he would like to do next: “I want you to ride me in Asian Cowgirl style. But I want you to fuck me with your asshole, not with your pussy,” he explained to Vanta. She listened, but first ignored him. After William repeated his wish, Vanta gave in and tried it out. She rode him with her asshole and I couldn’t believe what I saw. It looked so awesome. Her tiny body, with Williams’s big white cock in her ass, looked so great. I even wanked my penis. It was actually a reverse Asian Cowgirl position. So, the face pointed toward me, while William could see her back and her asshole. Sex is natural, I thought to myself. But what we did here was supernatural. I had to smile, as my mind was full of shit. This position was just too much for William. My friend surrendered and was coming.

I took over the bitch and wanted to fuck her standing. Vanta was standing with her back toward me. She was leaning herself slightly forward, so that I could easily get inside her. She was too short and I went down on my knees. But that seemed to be problematic considering my weight. So I asked her to get her high heels. Equipped with her shoes, it worked perfectly. I could get inside her conveniently and fucked her, holding her tits.

I wanted to try something new and asked her to bend forward. Vanta lowered her body; she bent her waist until her finger tips was reaching the floor. Her ass was now the highest part of her body. As this seemed to be inconvenient for her, she moved her hand, which was holding her body weight, on the bed. I fucked her from behind. Her asshole was still widely open and I could even see inside her ass. It was clean and red meat appeared at the inside.

Many of the positions described in William’s sexual position book, were not possible for me to do, as I was too fat. But the Prison Guard was simple. I just had to take her arms one by one, and pull them to her back. With her arms at her back, the arms couldn’t hold her body weight anymore. So Vanta had to go even more down with her face until her face and head itself, stabilizes her position. Her face was lying on the bed and it balanced her body weight. I held her arms together, as if I just had her arrested and continued fucking her. I fucked her until I came and shot my load inside her pussy.

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