William fucks Vanta’s Anal (1/2)

I am waiting at the balcony. William already arrived, but wanted to shower first. This way, we could glide over from drinking on the balcony to fucking Vanta without wasting time trying to get a shower. The drinks were already ready as soon as he arrived. I also prepared two big cigars, which we would consume at the balcony as well.

I had to give William the news, that Vanta was fucked in the ass.  The message seemed to have given him the rest. He sat down and took his Whiskey soda. He finished his drink quickly and kept quiet. Then he started asking me about the anal sex Vanta had. I didn’t go into details, but simply mentioned the anal flush and the anal dildo. Hearing about both devices made him feel mentally better. He even smiled a bit. Vanta was joining us for a drink and was jumping from womb to womb. After a while, she started to blow us on the balcony. “I want to fuck you in the ass tonight,” William told Vanta once his penis was deeply inside Vanta’s mouth. She couldn’t answer with a full mouth, but this hadn’t been William‘s intention anyway. Vanta did only speak with her eyes. They became big and steered at William and me. “Of course I told him about your meeting with Patrik,” I said to Vanta in an apologetic manner to answer her questioning eyes. She pretended to be surprised about me telling William about the anal sex. However, I knew her better and just smiled to her.

We began our sex by laying Vanta with her back on the bed. All three of us were already pretty drunk. Then I spread her legs so that I could start eating her pussy. William took another path. He made sure that Vanta’s head was placed over the edge of the bed. First, I didn’t understand his idea, as this looked very inconvenient for her. But then, he stood next to the bed and moved Vanta’s head between his legs. He took his penis and pushed him into her mouth. While I licked her pussy, my friend fucked her mouth – a nasty beginning, for a nasty night.

We had to interrupt our threesome because William wanted to test the anal flush. When Vanta and William returned from the bath room, I already had prepared the armchair and enjoyed another drink. The idea with the arm chair was that Vanta kneels down for doggy style, making her head look over the chair-back. It was the perfect height for her face and my penis – a blow job. For this cause, I was standing behind the chair-back. So I slid my penis inside her mouth and started fucking it. Patrik’s dildo was already placed in Vanta’s ass. They must have done it after the shower. William was getting equipped with a condom. I kept fucking her mouth and it felt great to use her mouth as a vagina – soft and wet.

I had to stop fucking Vanta’s head while William pulled out the dildo. I was scared that she might bite, so I was waiting till William glided his penis into her asshole. It was the second dick that went this way today. The break was good for my dick to cool down and avoid over excitement. Vanta’s ass was full of pussy cream. William, who just got used to the anal feeling, looked very excited. I guess her pussy was full of that cream too. So I wouldn’t need to lick her wet anymore. It was easier for her to get fucked by William in the ass now. She seemed to have gotten used to anal penetration. Once William needed a break, I took over. I thought about fucking her ass, but decided to go for her pussy. Vanta’s pussy was wet and it worked well to get my meat inside. But it didn’t seem to be the pussy cream that made her vagina wet. It felt and smelt to me, like  she was really exited from the anal sex. I took my time and enjoyed fucking her slowly.

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