Patrik tries something new (3/3)

Anyway, Patrik was happy and regarded Vanta as if she was his personal masterpiece. He was massaging his erected penis and enjoyed his work. Also, Vanta seemed to feel better. I guess she got used to the dildo in her ass. Patrik asked her to kneel in front of him and blow him. My dick was hard and watching this blowjob made me produce plenty of sexual energy. I asked myself if Vanta was developing sexual energy in her asshole. I was not sure. This might also depend on her brain. If she was into anal sex, then the brain might develop this energy. This would mean that sexual energy was not only developed by the genitals, but also by the ass and for sure, by the brain – a team-work so to say.

This would also mean that this energy could be produced with several body parts, in connection with the brain. The brain routs the energy and the body was producing it. But each body part could produce a different amount of energy. The vagina and the penis, I guess, could produce most of the energy. Even though Patrik was not my friend, it didn’t seem to matter, but I liked to see that a man was getting pleased. That Vanta was kneeling in front of him and sucked him was great to watch, and the dildo in her ass was a nice addition.

Vanta did one of her Roller Coaster screams again. This time, it seemed to be really intensive. It started already when Patrik pulled out the dildo. But as soon as Patrik’s erected penis was equipped with a condom and was pushed inside her, her scream became really intensive. I liked it and Patrik definitely liked it as well. Even I developed feelings for Vanta, but as soon as I jerk off, I don’t care so much if she feels fine or not. I just want to be pleased with my eyes.

Her body rested on her elbows, which were placed on the bed. Her face looked directly toward me and her butt was rising in the air. Patrik was standing behind her and pushed his penis slowly, inside and outside her asshole. He had a smile on his face and Vanta was getting quiet again. The first pushes seemed to have been the toughest ones. Her rosette probably got wider now.  Patrik was increasing the speed of his pushes, so Vanta started again, with loud moaning sounds.

The couple was changing position. Vanta was lying on her back, pushed up her legs and spread them. Patrik’s dick should now have had her open asshole in front of him, as he was kneeling between her legs. Vanta’s moaning sound indicated that he had found his target. But overall, she was quiet this time, compared to before. Also, Patrik started to moan. His sound got louder and louder, as he was extremely excited. He was coming only after about 2 minutes in this position. I was happy too. Masturbating on a life couple was much better than on porn. There was so much more that I could see, feel and sense. It got me very high quickly.

But there was one big disadvantage. It was over, much too quickly. While normal porn was running as long as you needed it, real sex just took a couple of minutes. I ended up horny and full of sexual energy. Even though I was still excited, I didn’t have anything to focus on anymore. So I kept this energy inside my head, as there was nowhere it could go. Normally, this energy was eliminated or reduced with an orgasm. Now, I felt like I switched on and forgotten.

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