Patrik tries something new (2/3)

Patrik waited until Vanta calmed down. Then he pressed on the red body of the flush. Water was pressing into Vanta’s ass and she felt it big. Her eyes opened widely and she was screaming in the bath room, like someone who was sitting on a roller coaster, and the wagon was rushing downwards in full speed. Patrik had no mercy. He pumped Vanta’s ass full of water and then pulled the flush out of her. Vanta was running for the toilet and as soon as she sat down on it, we could hear a pissing sound. I looked disgusted as I realized that this pissing sound was coming from her ass and not from her pussy.

The entire water from her ass was pressed out again. That’s the magic; how Patrik wanted to clean her asshole so he could fuck it. The whole sense of the process, as far as I understood it, was to clean her ass so that later, Patrick could safely put his dick inside. Without the flush, his dick could get brown – full of shit. I sensed already, that I am not an anal guy like Patrik. I like pussies better. Why should I fuck a shit hole anyway? But Patrick was happy with it and Vanta liked to make him happy.

In the bedroom, everything went very fast. Vanta had to bend over while Patrik sat on the couch. He couldn’t wait to fuck her. He was hard as anything, and looked nervously. His eyes were 100% focused on Vanta’s ass, which was right in front of him. Vanta stood in front of the couch and both legs were spread so that her butt was leveling at the same height as her lover’s eyes. I watched them sit on the bed and while I thought that the entire scene created some erotic feelings inside me, it was also getting clear to me that I am by far not that fascinated by Vanta’s asshole than Patrik was. No, that was not what excited me. It was the overall scene I absorbed. I could feel the tension between both persons and I could sense the sexual energy that was developing. This attracted me and that was why I enjoyed watching them. This helped me to create my own sexual energy.

Patrik was putting lubricating cream around Vanta’s hole with his left finger. With his right middle finger, he was entering her ass and pushed the cream deeply, inside her. Vanta seemed to be pretty relaxed now. She was standing between bed and couch while she just let it happen. This changed once Patrik started to press a little dildo inside her ass. The dildo, which was also inside the bag he brought, looked like a little Christmas tree. The function seemed to be logical to me. The thin top that was developing to a wide cone should be pushed inside the ass.

But this was only the theory. Pressing the wide cone inside Vanta’s back door seemed to be painful for her. Her face made a shocking impression and her eyes opened widely, again. An intensive “Ohhhh” followed, that indicated to me, that she was feeling serious and intensive penetration. Nevertheless, the dildo was placed. It remained inside her ass until someone pulled it out again. Next to the strong feelings that the dildo created, it seemed to feel odd for her, that something was sticking in her ass. Well, actually, that was no surprise considering the fact that she normally didn’t have anything sticking in her ass.

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