Patrik tries something new (1/3)

After Vanta returned from Steward, we had a couple of hours rest. In the afternoon, we found out that William gave some of the free-beer-voucher of Fat Man’s Bar to the bell boys. They distributed them to new hotel guests when they checked in. That was the reason why so many new guests visited our bar right after they arrived. The idea turned out to be very successful and the bell boys frequently brought us new clients to our bar.

Partik was such a client. He arrived at our bar and had some fun with Vanta. He received a blow job; however, it was obvious that he wanted more or something else. I didn’t follow up with them in detail, as Vanta should manage her clients by herself. In the afternoon, we met again with Patrik. Vanta had arranged the meeting with him.

Patrik was shopping for Vanta and in his shopping bag, were some accessories that he needed to fuck Vanta in the ass with. He was really passionate about anal sex. Vanta told me that he kept pushing her to try something new and he also seemed to be an expert in anal sex. Vanta was rejecting his request for anal sex at first, but Patrik kept asking her until she changed her mind. Finally, she told him that if he would come back to her, she would let him do it. That was typical for Vanta. Somehow, she always rewarded men if they come back to her.

All Thai girls don’t like “butterflies”. So are men who fly from woman to woman called. Thai girls like men who stay with them. So they think about rewarding them. Patrik’s reward was to fuck Vanta in the ass. Both were taking a shower first. I watched them through the glass window that separated the bathroom with the living room area of our studio. Patrik brought a simple anal flush. It was a simple device and Patrik showed Vanta how to use it. It looked a little bit like a plastic drinking bottle, with a long straw on top of it.

Patrik filled it with water and Vanta bent over while they took a shower. Her butt was pointing towards Patrik. She was standing still under the shower and Patrik was standing behind her. He washed Vanta’s butt with soap and then, let his middle finger glide slightly into Vanta’s asshole. Vanta’s face was looking like frozen.

When his finger entered her second hole, she looked visibly shocked and cramped. Yet Patrik kept pushing his finger inside Vanta’s back door, deeper and deeper. Then he looked at me and asked me if I had a drink for my girlfriend, so she could relax a bit. I followed his command, as if he was my officer in the army. Once I arrived with a glass of whisky in the bathroom, the thin straw of the anal flush was already inside Vanta’s ass. It was even as thin as Patrik’s finger. Vanta looked confused and nervous. I handed the whisky over to her and she swallowed it at once.

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