Vanta sucks Steward I

The rest of the day remained quiet. Only one more client came.  Steward was living in the same hotel where I rented my studio apartment in. He came and wanted to have his welcome drink. Vanta spent some time with him on the couch, but he was very shy and just wanted to drink his beer. He didn’t like the fact that I was in the room, so he left without any action. Vanta called him later that evening and they arranged their next appointment.

Steward liked Vanta a lot. He even kept calling her from his room to discuss what more he could do with her. I couldn’t follow their discussion in detail; however, I understood that she should visit him in his room the next morning. He even came, once more, that night to drop one of his room cards to Vanta, so that she will be able to enter his room independently. I guess the idea was that she should wake him up with a blow and he didn’t want her to ring the doorbell. Instead, she should just enter his room with his room key and wake him up with a nice blow job.

Before Vanta went to Steward’s room, she got very nicely dressed. She had a sexy black skirt, high heels and a black sleeveless top – just nice and sexy. After Vanta returned from Steward that morning, she was putting some money aside, just next to me on the table. I was just editing a movie. She explained that this was the bar fine. As usual in Thailand, if you take out a girl, you have to pay a bar fine to bar keeper. In this case, that was me. It was a funny thing; as with this bar fine, the bar keeper should be paid for the absence of his bar girl. In my case, I got paid to get compensated for the absence of my girlfriend. I was fine with her visiting Steward so I could edit some porn movies in my room. I anyway, preferred to do this alone. As I didn’t need the bar fine, I asked Vanta to collect those fines in the room safe. So once we would need to pay something, we could use that money.

We laid down on the bed and I asked her to tell me everything that happened. “He just wanted a blow job. I sat down on the bed and while he was sleeping, I massaged him.” Vanta explained to me and then, she went on and told me that she pulled up his t-shirt, kissed his body and by kissing his breast, he woke up.

Then she just pushed down his shorts and sucked his dick. She explained all these as if it wasn’t a big deal. I got hard again while she spoke to me. “You didn’t wash his dick?” I asked her as if I was her mother who was teaching her manners. “His dick looked clean, so I didn’t wash it,” she added. My girlfriend went on with her experience and said that he was very quiet and enjoyed her blow job. Only at the end, before he was coming, she could feel his hand at her ass. She sucked him for a long time until he was coming. She cleaned his body with toilet paper and took the toilet paper with her.

“Now, you can suck my dick,” I instructed her. But she left the bed and said that she will shower first. I used the time to get my camera ready as I wanted to make more porn movies with my girlfriend. As soon as she was back, she informed me about her next appointment with Steward the next morning. I pretended to be surprised, raised my eye brown, and pointed out that he seemed to like her. She smiled and replied that he just likes her blow jobs. “He also liked the movie I showed him and the two German liked it too.” While saying this to her, I put a big smile on my face, and then I raised the camera before I went on to explain why I think we should do more movies about us. Of course I meant we should make more porn movies about us and Vanta understood it without further explanation. I sensed she understood that those movies are also beneficial to her as they entertain her clients pretty well.

Finally, she took my pens into her mouth and I started to relax quickly. I just needed to pay some attention to my camera that I was holding with both hands.

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