Rico and Sebastian (3/3)

From this point, things went seriously fast. First, both men were staring at Vanta, as if she  said something wrong. She was sitting between both men and looked from one side to the other – from one man to the other. She kept looking straight into the eyes of one guest and then, turned her head to look into the eyes of the other man. Then she laid one of her hands on Rico’s thigh and her other hand on Sebastian’s thigh. She slided  her both hands between the men’s legs and said, “Why are you asking?” She kept massaging the area between their legs and I knew that both men were totally lost. A big wide smile occurred on her face when she realized how much power she had over both men and this wired situation.

She kept massaging both men’s penises and after she realized that both of them wouldn’t say anything, she added in a demanding way, “Do you have money?” Both men were deeply enjoying her hand and nobody responded. So Vanta let go of their dicks, bended over to the couch table that was located in front of the couch, and picked up the shield where the price for the blow job was written on. “You are the first one,” she commanded and pointed toward Rico. “And you watch your friend,” she added and pointed toward Sebastian.

Rico stood up to reach for his wallet while Vanta didn’t wait a second and started opening his trousers while he was standing in front of her. She opened the button of his trouser and pulled it down to his knees. His penis jumped in her face once the trousers released him. Vanta didn’t bother to wash his erected penis. She took him in her hand and massaged him up and down, as if she would like to know him a bit better before she would blow him. Then the blow job began.

Rico was moaning sensitively once he felt Vanta’s wet mouth. She sucked him slowly and carefully, as if she wanted us all to pay attention to her. Her eyes were talking to us and said something like, “Hey guys, watch carefully. This is what I can do with your dick too. Be nice and keep on paying me and I will give you what you want.” Sebastian stood up. I guess he didn’t want to wait anymore. He was too electrified to keep sitting on the couch. In a way, he pulled toward Vanta who took control over his penis, who wanted to produce sexual energy too. So Sebastian stood next to his friend and opened his trousers. He held his penis toward Vanta’s face as if he would ask her to start working on him too.

He was on fire and Vanta understood that very well. So she opened her mouth to let go of Rico. Meanwhile, she was deleting Sebastian’s fire. I enjoyed that energy. She was so relaxing and clean. Two friends were having a sexual adventure on their vacation in Thailand with a girl that likes sex and money. What was going on among us felt so honest and normal. Vanta let go of their dicks and pulled of her t-shirt. Then she took a dick in each of her hands and led them towards her mouth. Once she could reach them with her tongue, she played with them – licking Sebastian and then, Rico. She kept changing. Both men took a while to realize that Vanta’s breast were now available. First, Sebastian’s hand played with her nipples and then, Rico’s hand joined him. I sat there, watched them from the side and massaged my hard penis. It was beautiful. Sebastian was coming first. Vanta realized it and jerked his load on her breasts. Once he was empty, she let go of him and turned toward Rico’s dick. She continued sucking him, while Sebastian’s cream was running down her breast and belly.

She didn’t increase her speed nor did anything else to make him come fast – just sucked him gently, full of joy. When his time came, his load was ending on her breasts as well.

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