Rico and Sebastian (2/3)

There was something else both of our guests liked. Vanta was only wearing a t-shirt and her underwear. Rico’s and Sebastian’s eyes scanned her body and especially focused on her sexy legs and underwear. Vanta still stood next to the couch and held her hand in front of her mouth, as if she would like to stop herself from shouting again. “Why don’t you sit with us and let’s watch your movie together,” I joked and the laughers of our guests told me that my joke was successful.

Vanta however, wasted no time and followed my advice. I was not surprised that she joined us, however, I didn’t expect her to sit between both of our guests on the couch. While I was sitting on one of the arm chairs, Rico and Sebastian were fully astonished when Vanta pressed herself between them. They were so surprised and a bit confused too, that the room was filled with silence. For a couple of minutes, just the sound from the movie could be heard. Then the silence was broken.

“Don’t you mind showing us that movie?” Rico asked me. I first didn’t know what to say and simply said, “No.” When I felt that this answer was not enough to satisfy them, I went on to explain that I enjoyed watching my girlfriend having sex, and as I felt brave enough to tell them the entire truth, I added, “also, when she is with another man, it turns me on and excites me. I want to know all her sides.” The truth was out and I felt good about it; I even created an even longer, moment of silence. Rico and Sebastian first had to digest what I told them. They didn’t expect this as the entire situation was a bit hard. But then again, Rico broke the silence and turned to Vanta who was sitting next to him. “And you like to be filmed?” and after a short break, he added, “also, with other men?” Vanta got embarrassed and started to laugh like a little child. When she realized that this reaction wouldn’t help her to stop them from staring at her, she shyly moved her head up and down to confirm that she likes that. Then she got her voice under control and added, “Yes, I like sex.” Again, she lost control of her voice and started to laugh childishly before she added with a bride smile, “especially when I get money.”

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