Rico and Sebastian (1/3)

We got woken up by someone knocking at our door. I opened it and saw two younger guys in front of me. They might have been in their late 30s. I knew it before they said a word. They just checked in and somebody told them about a bar in the hotel. Before they could say anything, I asked them if they were here for the welcome drink. Both confirmed that and after I asked them to come in, I led them to the couch area.

Vanta was still laying on the bed. She was not sleeping anymore and I guess she had headache from the alcohol she consumed before. Never mind, I thought to myself. I brought beer for both of them and joined them in front of the TV. Their names were Rico and Sebastian, and they came from Germany. Both friends visited Pattaya to have a vacation and they have been here already, a couple of times. They would be here for 2 weeks and planned to go fishing while enjoying the bars. From the way they said it, it made it clear to me that bar girls were part of the enjoyment too.

Just like I felt, both guys didn’t beat around the bush. It was clear to me that both were here in Pattaya to have sex and that they’ve already fucked so many bar girls years before now. So, I cut the small talk short and explained the situation. My girlfriend was still sleeping as we lay down. However, she would come and join us in a few minutes. Then I asked them if they would like to watch some movies she made. “She is a model; you must know”. I further explained. Both of them followed my suggestion, but didn’t seem to be very interested.

This changed once the first movie started. It was the one that included the pictures I made with Vanta and which I edited in a slide-show style movie. She was getting naked on the pictures and then, I shot some nude pictures of her body. Both men opened their eyes and were getting electrolyzed by what they saw. They talked in German, a few words, and I just let them watch, talk and drink their beer. The movie took only a view minutes. Then I played a porn movie which I made with Vanta.

I didn’t say anything to them and wanted to surprise or maybe, even provoke them with our porn movie. Once she appeared handcuffed with me on the screen, the two Germans smiled and laughed like children. This made Vanta curious and she wanted to know what was going on. She came closer and once she looked at the TV and recognized what I just showed to the two strangers, she shouted out loudly. Rico and Sebastian were laughing and I joined them.

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