William and Michael (3/3)

We wouldn’t use a shield but again, I had a great idea. We could use lip stick and write it on Vanta’s body. We were all extremely excited about this idea and even if we didn’t really believe in it, we started preparing for it. William and I finished our beers and Vanta went to get her lip stick. Before she came back, I had another creative moment and a great idea – the men at the pool. Like every day, there would be plenty of men at the pool. So the best would be Vanta simply wearing a bikini and would write ‘blow job’ on her belly. Vanta liked the idea and quickly changed her dressing into one of her bikinis. Then William wrote in big letters on her belly, “BLOW JOB?” He needed two lines to get the letters on her belly. On her back, I added in big letters, our room number.

We were ready and left the studio. Vanta first wore a t-shirt so that nobody would see the writings. However, once we were at the pool, she removed it. We still were a little bit careful that no hotel staff could see us. But at the pool, it wouldn’t matter. Vanta was quiet, drunken and horny. She was crazy as she slowly walked around the pool so that everyone could see her. William and I were blown away as we heard the first people laughing and whistling. We couldn’t trust our eyes when Vanta sat next to a man, on his sun lounger, and talked with him. Only after a few moments, they stood up and both walked towards the elevator where William and I were standing. Two other men stood up as well, and followed them. Altogether, 3 strangers followed Vanta to her room.

At the room, the porn movies were still playing from the playlist. I guessed the playlist had a loop that would always start from the beginning.  William and Vanta were serving everyone a beer. Then Vanta wasted no time  collecting the money from the first guy. She put his bills into her bikini trouser, so that parts of the bills could still be seen. Then she kneed in front of the guy, pulled down his swimming trouser, and started sucking him. Everyone else was watching them. She didn’t finish him, but jumped from one guy to the next guy. She caught one sitting on the couch. She collected his money and stuffed it into her bikini, and also pulled down his trouser. She sucked and jerked him like crazy.

The last guy paid by himself by stuffing his money into her bikini too. Her bikini trouser was full of bills. He also used the situation to touch her vagina and stimulated her with the money in her bikini until she also reached for his trousers. Once they were removed, she was sucking his dick as well. With her other hand, she jerked the other guy’s dick. She was then switching from one dick to the other, putting them into her mouth and sucking the strangers. Finally, the first guy was coming. She made sure that all his cum was landing on her breasts. Then she finished with the other guy and again, his load ended on her breast. She cleaned herself with toilet paper before she crawled to the last guy and kneed in front of him. She sucked him off too. William and I couldn’t believe what we just saw.

After the strangers left, we were sitting on the balcony to relax and digest what just happened. William had an idea that would change all our lives. He suggested turning Fat Man’s Studio into a blow job bar. Vanta immediately loved the idea. She convinced William to come with her to buy some more stuff that she would need for a blow job bar.

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