William and Michael (1/3)

William called me early one morning and asked if he could come and visit me at lunch time. He wanted to bring Michael, a good friend of his. Together, they wanted to watch William’s and my private porn movies. I agreed, as it sounded unspectacular, and so we expected them for lunch. Of course this was very early for me, but William explained that Michael could only visit us at this time.

So, we expected them for lunch and Vanta prepared a simple noodle dish for them. As soon as they arrived, we sat down on the couch and the arm chairs in front of the TV. They enjoyed beer with Thai Noodles, while I played porn movies from my private collection. I set up a playlist and then, I went to the bed where I was working on my laptop. Of course I kept watching them. Vanta was the only one among them who was relatively unimpressed from the porn movies. Soon, all men got glassy eyes and red heads. Especially Michael, he became super excited. He looked desperately and watched each movie highly concentrated. His hand was massaging his penis inside his trouser. William and Michael were sitting on the couch while Vanta sat on the armchair. Vanta first didn’t realize that Michael was massaging his best piece as he was sitting behind her. As soon as she was talking to William, she turned her head and realized that Michael was playing with his erected penis. His dick was still hidden in his trousers, but his erection was clearly visible.

Vanta jumped out of her chair and sat down on the couch between Michael and William. Michael looked really embarrassed, with his hard erected penis inside his trousers. William however, staid relaxed. He knew Vanta already, and knew that she was eager to earn a bit of money. However, he had to disappoint her and told her that he was out of money. She had to ask Michael as he was more liquid. Vanta immediately turned away from William and toward Michael. With her hand, she started to massage his legs and with her lips, she whispered something into his ears. Michael was confused and didn’t know what to do. Vanta increased her pressure by opening her shorts and pulling them down so that her white underwear appeared. Then she took Michael’s hand and placed it between her legs, while her other hand reached out to Michael’s penis.

William realized what was going on and watched both, full of fascination. Then he opened his trousers and pushed them, including his underwear, down. He started to masturbate with one hand and with the other hand, he was sliding over Vanta’s legs. He was talking to his friend and explained to him that it was OK for him to pay Vanta for a sexual service. Fat Man wouldn’t mind that. Michael looked nervously at me, and I signaled that everything was fine. Then he reached into his pockets and paid Vanta. Michael’s shorts were quickly removed and so, Vanta was soon wanking his penis while he played with her tits and vagina. William tried to get Vanta to jerk him too, however, she constantly rejected him. She told him that she would get his cum once he was ready. I was surprised. I never realized that Vanta was so much into cum. She stood up and went to the bathroom where she picked up a roll of toilet paper. Then she stood in front of Michael, spread her legs, and pulled off her underwear. He watched her highly electrified

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