The Hot Chair (2/2)

She was moaning loud and seemed to like it. I gave what I could give, and pushed as much was possible. But I also realized that this would be my last position. Still, I had a final idea. I strongly felt to shoot my load on her body. So, once I past the point of no return, I pulled out my penis, remove the condom, and pumped my sperms on her. It was a lot, and I hit her face, tits, and body. I wanked my dick till the last drop was out. Vanta and William were staring at me. I realized that I was moaning really loud, and my cum-shot show was eye-catching for them. I just felt so good.

I sat down on the couch like nothing ever happened. William jumped up from the couch. He wanted to follow me, and continued fucking her in this position. Her legs were still spread, and her pussy was still open. William took over quickly, and continued where I stopped. Vanta was busy again. She was moaning, while my complete load of cum was floating on her body. William came soon, and also removed his condom to shoot his sperms on her. I may have been too nasty, and I felt sorry for Vanta. She looked terrible with all the milky staff on her body, and on her face. But it felt good for both of us.

William dropped next to me on the couch. He was exhausted, but looked happy. Vanta didn’t move. She was breathing heavily. She looked so dirty. Her brown skin was covered with our cum. She looked abused. A young woman exploited by two old men. Then she stood up and went to the bathroom. She didn’t look at us at all, and I was worried that this might have been too much for her. “That was so cool,” I told William, who was sitting next to me. He didn’t seem to think that he had done anything wrong. He looked just happy, and pushed me for another drink on the balcony. Once we arrived there, Vanta was forgotten quickly. We both drank quickly, and just enjoyed the night. We had a couple of drinks, and I thought Vanta was already gone. The room was very quiet, so probably she was already hunting for another dick, who paid her. But when William and I got back to the room, we found her sleeping on the bed, like a little girl – sweet and innocent. Nothing indicated that two guys shot their dirty white milk on her. Nothing; she looked clean and sweet. William left, and I laid next to her on the bed. This was the best day I ever had. For so many years, I have never felt so happy.

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