The Hot Chair (1/2)

We were having a great time and I realized that Vanta was really drunk. She couldn’t drink too much whiskey soda. After William and I consumed enough cocktails, she blew me to say thank you for what I did with her pussy. Then she blew William, to thank him as well. We both went through the positions described in William’s book, and agreed to the hot chair – a very easy position. We moved inside the room, and William and I just sat down on the couch.  We put condoms on our dicks, and Vanta sat on me. After my penis slided into her pussy, she moved up and down, to fuck me. It was convenient for me and sport for Vanta. I could see her back, and could play with her breasts. It felt good, and I was still calm.

I fucked a lot the last days, so it needed some time for my dick to develop sexual energy. Vanta seemed to be different. She was already full of it. She fucked more than I did, but still, it seemed to be easy for her to get hot again. She moved to William, sat on him, and let his penis glide inside her. Then the same movement started. Actually, that was not really the hot chair, it was the hot couch position, I thought to myself. It was a threesome position and so, it was a little bit different. Happily, I told William that we just discovered a new position, “The Hot Couch.” He smiled, but was too busy with Vanta’s movement.

He tried to last longer than last night. Last night, he was coming very quickly with Vanta. But today, he seemed to be O.K.. Vanta was exhausted from jumping up and down our dicks. She stood up, and was standing in front of us. I knew exactly which position I wanted next. Doggy style, so Vanta didn’t have to move, while one of us could fuck her and the other guy could rest. I started fucking her, while she was kneeing on the bed. She should feel as much penetration as possible, without a rest. This would make her really hot. I fucked her hard, and she reacted with loud moaning. Once I needed a rest, William took over. So, there was no rest for little Vanta, and she got also hammered by William this night.

I checked out the book in the meanwhile. Out of the hundred positions, my eyes choose the “Steady to seated” one. The book was great! Fucking does make more fun with it. We could try new stuff. “Steady to seated” simply means that Vanta was laying at her back, by the corner of the bed. Then I stood in front of her, took her legs, and held them. Her knees were laying on her chest, and I had a great angle to enter her pussy. Vanta’s pussy was open widely. I never saw this before. Normally, her pussy was closed, so that you couldn’t see her hole. But through the new position, and through William’s and my penetration, she was widely open. My penis got easily inside, and Vanta strongly felt him.

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