Now, they know they can buy her (2/2)

This energy was flowing from her body to his body, and from his body to her. Not like electrical energy. Sexual energy was different. It was developing in the genitals of men and women. As Vanta was riding Patrick’s cock, his penis and her vagina produced this kind of energy. The energy was then, flowing through the nervous system to their heads. Their brains got filled with energy, and stopped working probably.

That’s also why their faces actually looked pretty stupid. Vanta’s eyes were closed, but her mouth was open. She was out of breath, and moved her bottom up and down, so his penis could produce more of this energy. It made them feel great. It also made me feel good, watching them, and jerking off. Patrick was breathing deeply too. His face looked like a figure in a comic, with big widely open eyes and open mouth. He was staring at Vanta riding him, and he followed each of her moves, as it would be the first time a woman ever moved this way.

But his brain was full of this energy, and by following each move of Vanta, his body could produce more of this energy. This is what made him stare at her body. He was harvesting energy.  His brain needed this energy and so, it took over control of his body, and focused everything on harvesting this energy. It wouldn’t let him stop, until he was coming. Vanta’s pussy stopped moving, and also, Vanta fully concentrated on the last streams of energy her pussy provided to her. Then Patrick’s penis was slowly gliding out of her vagina.

I guess that his penis was pretty big for Vanta. Even I did all the preparation work. Probably, it was still not easy for her to have a big penis inside her. She probably didn’t really have a lot of sex with foreigners, before I met her. I guess she mainly did blow jobs and such stuff. Her pussy was still too small for larger dicks when we met.

Probably, she was more active with Asian clients, than Europeans – Thai, Chinese and Japanese. They all wanted sex too. But now, it seemed to work for her and big white dicks too. A strange thought came to mind. Should I always make her pussy ready for other men? It was like with those very old cars, where you needed a crank to get them started. In a similar way, my tongue had to make her vagina wet.

They were changing positions now. Vanta was just lying on the bed, and spread her legs. She led Patrick to fuck her missionary. He was following her as seeing Vanta spreading openly, her legs, was something no man could resist. He quickly pushed his meat into her, so that his penis was producing this energy again.

He had to glide, in and out, to release this energy into his body. In contrast, my hand could stimulate my penis, but couldn’t produce sexual energy itself. But Vanta’s vagina was producing sexual energy too. It also made her feel good. Some women may feel bad about this energy. Maybe because they were told that sex was bad. So they felt bad, by producing this energy. But somehow, I knew her better. Vanta and I talked a lot about sexual energy. I remember that I first had laughed when she mentioned this energy. However, after all her explanations, I could see the world with different eyes. I understood now, that she saw things differently. Vanta was raised up differently. She was taught TAO, and that sexual energy was good.

With regards to what she told me, it would be better if Patrick and Vanta would love each other. With their love, they could produce more and better energy. But love was actually not necessary. It was better, but not mandatory. Bought sex, like the one in front of my eyes, was good too. Patrick was coming, and both lovers made a lustful “ahhhahh”. Immediately, I felt the tension dropping like a stone. It only took a few moments, after the orgasm. Patrick looked as if he just woke up from a deep dream. His body was loose, and he had lost all the tension. His brain still seemed to be numb from the energy it collected, and it seemed a bit drunk too. As if he got too much energy and didn’t know what to do with it. Vanta was different. Her body still seemed to be electrolyzed until both took a shower.

As soon as both returned from the shower, she looked also tired. Not as tired as Patrick, but I felt that tiredness had something to do with the sexual energy too. Patrick had an orgasm and so, his desire was gone. Maybe Vanta was hoping for more sex? However, she had to cool down as no one showed up for her. So she stopped producing sexual energy. I stopped jerking once he was coming, and I can feel the produced energy in my head. It made me numb, it made me feel excited, but it also made me feel unsatisfied. I wanted more of it. I wanted it, all the time. I didn’t come and so, there was nothing that made me feel satisfied. Nothing told me that I had enough. The energy I created still controlled my brain, and it wanted more energy and more sex. I wanted to fuck Vanta.

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