Now, they know they can buy her (1/2)

She explained that she met Patrick from the U.K. They made a deal at the pool. I knew immediately, that she actually meant that they agreed on a price for sex, but listened carefully to what she had to say. Vanta explained that we could do a threesome in our room. If I wouldn’t like to join, I could also watch them. But if I wouldn’t want to join at all, they would go and do it in his room. I got nervous and confused by this new development. However, I also felt excited to watch them. I felt excited by the idea to satisfy myself by watching Vanta having sex with this guy.

“Is it really O.K. if I watch,” I asked her skeptically. “Yes it is. He doesn’t mind,” Vanta replied. She went on and explained that she offered him her normal rate of 2000 Bhat if they would do it in our room, and I could watch or join. But, if he would like her to come to his room, her boyfriend would get a compensation of 600 Bath.

I looked surprised; Vanta and I never discussed this. But still, she seemed to think about me. I am impressed about her attention. I would even get something like a bar fine if she was visiting another man in his room. Everything she did voluntarily? It seemed so. My brain was thinking heavily, as I asked myself if there was a trap. “I like it when you watch me with another man Fat Man. Like with Yegor and Leonard. It makes me feel safe and clean. I feel protected as you are in the room, and it makes me feel more like a game, than like a job.” I was surprised about her explanation, but it sounded convincing to me.

So I agreed and together, we went up to our room. It didn’t work unnoticed. As we left with Patrick, who was supposed to be Vanta’s lover, everyone recognized at the pool, what was going on. They started to talk about us. The pool got a bit noisy through all the whispering when we left. I was sure Vanta fully wanted and enjoyed this effect. Now, everyone at the pool knew that she could be bought. Now, whoever wanted to fuck her would approach her. Before, they respected me as her boyfriend and wouldn’t try to make her offers. But now, Fat Man would not be a reason anymore. Now, they knew they could buy her.

As soon as we reached our room, Patrick paid Vanta. The couple took off their cloth, and went to have a shower. I could watch them, how they cleaned themselves, and especially how they washed their genitals. Then they went to the bed, and Vanta took in the same position William and I had last night.

She kneed on the bed in doggy style, and started to gently stimulate Patrick’s erected penis with her hand and mouth. “Can you make my pussy ready Fat Man?” First, I couldn’t believe what I heard. But then, I realized that I’ll look stupid once she repeated her inquiry.  She wanted me to eat her pussy, so Patrick could fuck her? What kind of job is that? But she was serious. She let go of Patrick, moved to me, removed my trousers, jerked my dick hard, and said: ”You can masturbate, but please, make my pussy wet.”

So I put my tongue inside her hole, while she was sucking Patrick’s dick. Vanta stood up to get one of the condoms. After she returned, everything went on as before. Patrick was lying on our bed and Vanta blew him, while I was making her pussy wet with my tongue. I already masturbated because it was actually a hot scene. When Vanta felt ready to fuck, she climbed over Patrick, and slowly pushed her pussy over his dick, which was covered with one of my condoms. Then they were fucking on my bed and I was sitting next to them. I watched them, and wanked my penis. I saw how their faces enjoyed each other. I guessed Vanta liked Patrick as his body was in good shape. Patrick’s hand reached out to touch her little breasts. Both were stimulating each other, and developed sexual energy.

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