Vanta at the Pool

After 3pm, we went outside, and chilled at the pool. In the afternoon, the sun was starting to get cooler. When we arrived at the pool, Vanta was the only woman there. The other people at the pool were all men. The hotel where I have rented my studio, was a typical hotel for sex mongers. Most of the hotel guests came to Pattaya for one purpose only. Sometimes, I saw couples, but that didn’t happen too often. Sometimes, I recognized a few ladies that, most likely, came from Europe. Nevertheless, normally, most of the people at the pool were always single men. I guessed they were recovering there from last night, where they were hunting for a nice lady.

But the ladies they fucked at night normally left latest, in the morning hours. So, the pool was men only territory until Vanta arrived. She enjoyed being stared at from many sides. Looks that told me that those men were already thinking about a bitch for tonight. I tried to ignore them, and lay down next to the pool.

When I looked at Vanta, I realized my mistake. I did ignore them. Vanta, however, was showing off. She tried to provoke them. She creamed her body with sun cream, like an erotic model. She was posing with her body. Again, I had to think about what William told me once. Women naturally know how to pose. In Vanta’s case, she also was trained to pose by her modelling jobs. She stood next to me, in order to cream my body with sun lotion. Hereby, she deeply bended over, and her bum coincidentally showed toward most of the viewers.

First, I didn’t realize it, as I tried to ignore it.  However, as everyone was smiling toward us, I realized her little show. She looked hot in her bikini, and the way she put cream on her sexy body looked very sexy. When she put crème on my body, she even slipped her hand under my trousers. Sure, I enjoyed how she creamed in my penis, and knew how jealous every man would be with me. Of course, it was not very useful for him, as he never saw the light of the day. But it was very effective for her little show. I could hear her spectators making surprising “Wows.”

I felt proud however, that all the men desired my chick, and I knew that they all, would like Vanta to cream in their dicks too. But I realized soon, that such desires are handled differently in Thailand, and especially in Pattaya. In contrast to Europe where such desires would normally be ignored, in Pattaya, sex searching men and women find each other. It was just a matter of time, until the first spectator met Vanta.

It looked like a coincidence. But I knew that in this city, there was no such thing as a coincidence. Vanta and another man started a conversation in the pool, and both started to get to know each other. There was nothing I could do against it. She was free to meet other men. So I tried to ignore them. They talked and talked, and I got increasingly curious about what was going on. Finally, Vanta came back to my sun lounger, and sat down next to me.

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