Vanta William and I (5/5)

I developed the desire to fuck her

William and I were drinking outside, at the balcony. He told me the story about how he was ripped off by his Saudi Arabian partner, and hours and many beers later, we stopped. He left and I went to bed. But Vanta must have come back later at night. Anyway, she felt great in my arms. Her head was lying on my breasts, her tiny body was in my arms, and her hand was doing nice things to my penis. Soon, I developed the desire to fuck her. My left arm was reaching for her bum, and she stopped playing with my dick.

Probably she was picked up by a tourist, who fucked her

I moved forward, between her legs, to her pussy. It is difficult but possible. With the top of my fingertips, I started playing with her peanut. Her pussy got wet after a while, and I let my finger glide inside her.  Not too deep, nevertheless, the small penetration worked well. Her body was beautiful and almost naked. She was wearing a pink G-string; I guess she also wore the G-string last night when she went out. Probably she was picked up by a tourist, who fucked her -maybe even two? I didn’t know.

Oh Year, fuck me Fat Man

But as sexy as Vanta was, it was easy for her to find someone. Maybe the price was the handicap. Normally, she was asking for more, than a cheap street hooker. But still, in this town, there are plenty of men willing to pay the price. But now, she looked all right and innocent as she was still slightly sleeping. Oh, my penis wanted to go inside her pussy. He didn’t care if another penis was inside that vagina last night. He just wanted to get inside and was eager to get milked again. I had to stand up and reach for a condom. Once a piece of rubber covered my penis, I walked toward the bed. Vanta’s eyes opened a bit. “Oh Year, fuck me Fat Man,” she said, and her hand was reaching for her underwear. She pushed it aside, so I could see the object of my desire – her pussy. This time, we fucked like a couple. We deeply kissed each other, which was physically difficult for me, as I didn’t want to put my whole weight on her. We rolled over, so she ended up sitting on me. She could ride my cock, but instead, we continued kissing each other, and Vanta moved her bum only very gently, up and down.

Holding my penis, we fell into a deep sleep

We rolled back to missionary, and I pushed her hard. She was moaning loudly, and her sound made me push her harder. I kept hammering her until I come. Then my body relaxed, and I realized how tired I was. Her head was lying on my breast again, and her hand found my penis again. I felt bad that I was coming, and I got worried that my depressions may return. However, everything was O.K.. She removed the condom, and dropped it at the bed table. A drop of my cum was on her hand. She looked at my cum and whispered, “Hello Mister Fat Man,” and then, she licked her hand clean. Her hand was going back to my penis. Holding my penis, we fell into a deep sleep.

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