Vanta William and I (4/5)

She can do what she wants

There was nothing that I could do to stop her. We agreed she could have other men. So naturally, she could go out whenever she liked too. There was even more. She did a great job and served us well. So we, and especially I, had a great time. So, she could do what she wanted.

If someone pays her, she will fuck him

But still, I felt lost, alone, and frustrated. She already had so much sex today. I fucked her twice and William once. My second time was really a great performance. Really, I am serious, without blowing my own horn. It was great. So, how can she go out again? Is she looking for sex? Or just to go out? I don’t know. I don’t think she was going out for more sex. But if someone would pay her, she would fuck him. I am certain about that. For money, she did everything.

Somehow, I had to accept that she could have more sex than me. It is unfair, but that’s the way it is. I focused on William again, who seemed to be a little bit frustrated. Well, I slammed him before, with my performance. But when I talked with him and tried to understand his mood, I found out that there was more. He started talking about the past, and told me that before he came to Thailand, he had a business in Saudi Arabia.

He consulted companies to approach this market. It must have been a very sad experience, because he sounded really frustrated. He told me that he needed to have a partner for his company. All companies needed to have a Saudi as partner. That was the law, he explained. Normally that worked, but in his case, his Saudi partner screwed him badly. He had to leave the country, with almost no money.

A friend of his told him about China and that everyone, who speaks English, could easily find  a job there. William hoped to get a job there soon, otherwise, he was getting completely broke. But first, he had to be emotionally fit again, to be able to start a new job.  William was really honest to me. I could feel it. But I couldn’t feel bad about him. Even though he was extremely frustrated, I couldn’t feel bad about him. His pain only reminded me about my pain. But my pain was much greater than his pain. My pain flushed his pain out of my mind, like a river absorbs a mild rain. I sensed that he expected me now, to tell him about my pain, but I wouldn’t.

The hand started to massage my penis

The next morning, I got woken up by a hand. As usual, my penis hardened in the morning, and gave me a reason to wake up. Normally, I had to go to the toilet for a piss and afterwards, my penis will relax again. But this morning, my penis was touched by a little brown hand. The hand started to massage the penis, and jerked him slowly and smoothly, up and down. I woke up and realized that Vanta was lying in my arms. I had no idea or memory how she came here. The last evening came to my mind, but again, I lacked any memory of when Vanta came back.

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