Vanta William and I (3/5)

It is awesome, so fucking awesome

At the beginning, he still seemed to have difficulties to enter her pussy. I was fully surprised. On one side, Vanta was going out, every night, to get picked up by a tourist, but on the other side, her pussy still couldn’t handle William’s penis. I already wondered if his dick was even bigger than mine and somehow, I concluded that it must be a mixture between both – Vanta’s vagina was still smaller than others, and William’s penis was bigger than mine.

However, while I analyzed the situation, his penis glided inside Vanta’s vagina. After a short brake, the normal fucking action started. William seemed to be deeply impressed watching his penis glide inside and outside Vanta’s pussy. I guess he was really disappointed that it failed at first. To me, his face looked like that of a dumb caveman. But I guessed my fuckface was not looking smarter either. Indeed, fucking Vanta doggy style was amazing for him, and I understood what he expected. He was constantly telling me how great it was. “It is awesome, so fucking awesome,” he revealingly said.

I continued exactly where he stopped – doggy style

William was coming soon. I assumed that he was not used to fucking Vanta, and that her pussy was still very narrow to him. I continued exactly where he stopped – doggy style. I was fine, and didn’t feel to come soon. So, I fucked her hard and intensively. First, I nailed her doggy and then, missionary. I knew he was watching us. This motivated me to fuck Vanta, longer and harder. It was a great fuck for me. The longest I had with Vanta. She was riding me on the bed, and only when I fucked her opposite missionary, I came.

I got the gold metal this night.

Thereby, she laid down on her belly and spread her legs. I climbed on her back, and pushed my meat inside hers. The woman must be skinny for this position, otherwise, it won’t work. But with Vanta, this was not a problem. However, this position made me come quickly. I looked back to William, and saw that I was right. He was watching us with big eyes. I felt great, and invited William for a beer on the balcony. I was fully euphoric, and surprised about our threesome. Actually, I had big thoughts about it, and was not sure if it was a good idea to invite William to join me and Vanta. I was scared that I ended up watching another man fucking my girlfriend while I couldn’t fuck her well enough. But actually, exactly the opposite happened. The more I thought about it, the more logically, everything seemed to me. As I was used to Vanta and regularly had sex with her, it was normal that I had an advantage compared to any other man. First, I knew what she liked and how to stimulate her. Second, I was used to her and so, I didn’t get so excited than somebody who fucked her the first time.  That’s why I got the gold metal this night.

See you later

However, William and I didn’t talk about our sex with Vanta. We just sat there, enjoyed our beer, and rested from the excitement of our sexual performance. It was a great feeling, until Vanta showed up at the door of the balcony. She was perfectly dressed to go out – beautiful and sexy. I was shocked as I thought we all stayed at home. “I guess you two will stay at home?” She asked us while standing at the door of the balcony. We both looked surprised at each other, but finally agreed with her by moving our heads up and down. I guess we looked like two old fouls. “O.K. then, I’ll go out alone. See you later,” she replied and left.

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