Vanta William and I (2/5)

Her blow jobs were slow and gentle

Then William was experiencing Vanta’s Leg-Balls-Penis massage. It was a great evening. Everything developed without a blueprint or any pressure. After the massage, Vanta joined us for another beer, before the blow job begun. First, it was William’s turn. Vanta kneed in front of him, and started sucking his penis, slowly and gently. Vanta took care to ensure that he was not coming. I’ve started training her in this direction as I tried to avoid coming at all. As soon as William got too excited, she stopped, and continued with my dick.

Fat Man likes to fuck, but William likes blow jobs

William didn’t believe that he could fuck Vanta. Because the last time he was with her, she was too narrow. But a lot has changed since he met her. I knew how Vanta’s vagina worked and cooled him down. “I just fucked her this afternoon and everything was fine.” I looked to Vanta, and tried to sense if she felt insulted by my words. But she countered and replied that it was not her who caused the problem William experienced. She argued that “William didn’t eat my pussy. Fat Man always does. And I have a pussy cream now.”  We all had to laugh about her comment, even though it was very true. Actually, not a lot of time passed since William and Vanta had sex. However, a lot had changed since then. Vanta was having sex regularly, with foreigners. Even though William’s penis seemed to be one of the biggest, I thought that everything should go well tonight. After finishing our beer and enjoying our blow job, we went inside. Here, I started to manage everything, as I know how to make Vanta ready to get fucked.

Vanta had a dick in her mouth and my tongue in her pussy

She was kneeing doggy style at my bed. While her mouth was sucking William, I licked her pussy. In this way, I was sure she was getting wet. With a dick in her mouth and my tongue in her pussy, she was getting ready quickly. I know that this was a special service for her as other men, especially those she picked up from bars and discotheques, would not care about her vagina. William was the first who put on a condom. I let go of her pussy, before William got a chance to show up with his erected penis next to my face. It is fun to do threesome, but I don’t want him to be too close to me.

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