Vanta William and I (1/5)

You can have him, if you make him a good price

Vanta and I spent the day at the pool. Like a normal couple, we went swimming. As I got horny, we went to the room and had sex. She did whatever I asked her to do. There was no stress regarding the time, and our sex was very relaxed. She blew me on the bed, then she rode me, and I fucked her missionary. I still didn’t want to come, which was difficult as she was simply too hot. Nevertheless, I sensed that I will have a lot of training while Vanta was living with me. After having sex, we went back to the pool. At dinner, I told her that William was coming this night, and that we will drink beer at my apartment.

My friend, William, was totally broke, and needed a bit of help from me. He couldn’t afford the expensive bars anymore and so, I wanted to invite him to my apartment, so we could have a simple and cheap beer at the balcony. But there was more. Something else I had to think about a lot. Life was not only about eating and drinking. Especially in Pattaya, it was also about fucking. I thought that he would not only have a beer here, but that he could also have sex here. On one side, I felt strange about offering my girlfriend to my friend. But Vanta was anyway, not a normal girlfriend. If she was not fucking with William, then she would fuck with someone else. She would go out at night, and fuck whoever paid her. So, I had to make a tough decision, and I decided for my friend.

“You can have him, if you make him a good price,” I said to Vanta. “What is a good price?” she replied without any emotion that something was wrong. She didn’t even think a second, about the strange situation – about me offering my friend to her. So I told her about 20US$ would be a good price for him to pay.

We enjoy the legs, the balls and the penis massage

After William arrived, Vanta drank the first beer, together with him and me. Then she seemed to have had enough alcohol, and took care of our dicks. We both were wearing only shorts, which could be removed easily. William and I continued drinking beer, while Vanta was first kneeing in front of me to open my trouser. As we were sitting at the balcony, I checked again, if anyone could see us. But there was hardly a chance. It was too dark and the balcony was quite protected. From the street, you may see our faces, but not our dicks. The angle didn’t allow it. So I let her go on, and enjoyed her massage – first, my legs, then my balls and then, my penis.

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