Yegor and Leonid (4/4)

The sliding door was opened, and Vanta and Leonard were coming out. This time, none of them wore a towel. They seemed to be too exhausted to think about this detail. Yegor asked his friend to sit next to him. Vanta was a bit irritated, and wanted to lead Leonard to the shower. But Leonard simply took her, and carried her to the couch. Vanta was laughing about that, and once she was sitting next to Yegor, he explained to her about his idea to stay longer, and fuck her a second time.

I went to the fridge to get more beer, and to my shocking surprise, Vanta already had agreed to Yegor’s plan, once I returned to the couch. She would earn a lot of money this night, I thought to myself. A fascinating picture developed in front of my eyes. Leonard, Vanta and Yegor were sitting naked on my couch, and drank the beer I brought. Vanta was sweating. Her body had a lot of exercise, and the flutes of the beer were instantly sweated out. She looked so cool and hot between the two Russians guys, whose slack penises were hanging down.

They finished their beers, and got new ones. I also visited the bathroom to take a piss, and by the time I returned, I could see how Vanta was already playing with both men’s dicks. Each of her hands was holding a penis. She wanked them, and waited until they get hard. Yegor and Leonard were drinking their beers, and enjoyed Vanta’s penis massage. Once Leonard had finished his beer, he took Vanta’s beer, and led it to her mouth, to assist her drinking. Vanta didn’t have any available hand to drink her beer, because she was too busy with two dicks. She was laughing, and accepted his service. I was not sure if Leonard planned it that way, but once Vanta was starting to swallow the beer, she didn’t stop anymore. Even once she had enough, he simply kept the bottle at her mouth, and so, Vanta had to go on drinking.

I watched her wanking the two dicks, and saw how the alcohol kicked in. She was really drunken, and lost increasingly control about herself. I turned to Leonard and signaled him that it was enough now, and he signaled to me that he fully understood.

Both men, on the other side, got excited again, by realizing how drunken Vanta was. It was easy to spot their joy as their penises were standing straight up. Vanta wanted to demonstrate that she was not a little girl, and was fully under control of herself, and asked both men, “Who is first?”

Again, I was sitting together with Leonard, and listened to how Yegor fucked my girlfriend. But this time, I could watch them too. They didn’t take the time to move to the bed room. Vanta only went up to get condoms and her pussy cream. Then they did it on my couch, in front of my eyes. This time, they moaned louder, and more intensively. I couldn’t take my eyes from them. This was better than watching porn. This was real. My right hand was inside my trouser, and I wanked my hard penis. As soon as I started masturbating, a warm energy went through my body. This energy made me so relaxed, and it changed my mood from being disturbed by our two visitors, to being delighted by them.

Now, I could enjoy the evening too. Again, both of their bodies were clapping against each other, and again, Leonard was not saying too much. Instead, he was wanking his penis too, while he was waiting to be next. It took longer this time, until both men were finished, and I started to worry if Vanta was well. I saw her getting fucked in many positions by both Russians. She looked weak, but O.K. Her tiny body was totally wet – even her black hairs had soaked in water as if she just had a shower. Vanta showered with both Russians, and afterwards, she sat next to me, on my armchair. Her body felt very warm, as if she did run a marathon. In a way, this is true, I think to myself.

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