Going shopping (2/2)

Later that day, we went out for lunch, and after we had a lovely meal close to the beach, we moved on. Vanta told me that she has never been inside a sex shop. I remembered that I saw one by accident. Vanta seemed to be very shy, and didn’t even want to join me to go inside. I didn’t understand her behavior at all. The girl who fucks for cash is too shy to visit a sex shop? Nevertheless, she let me go alone inside, and I quickly looked for a dildo and some pussy cream, paid, and left the shop. It was anyway, a kind of strange sex shop. Not like we had in the West.

Now, where I had bought the stuff, she was very interested again, and couldn’t wait to look inside my bag. Her mouth opened widely, when she saw the plastic penis, and she asked me confusedly, why I bought cosmetic. I shook my head, to show her that she said something stupid, but she didn’t understand until we were at home. I first explained the pussy cream to her, and I couldn’t understand why nobody else ever told her that with a lubricating cream, she might solve her problem with big penises.

Indeed, Vanta was very interested, and she followed every word I told her. Even when I used the dildo to demonstrate to her how to put the cream on a penis, she listened with great interest. I couldn’t remember any other time that she ever listened so carefully, what I had to tell her. Once I stood with the creamed-in dildo in front of her, she thought the lesson was finished. She only understood my real intension, when I asked her to undress. She was irritated, and her hand was covering her mouth.  She didn’t know what to say. But finally, she opened the nobs of her trouser, and pushed her down. We moved to the bed, and she spread her legs, so I could reach her pussy. I used further cream on the pussy and let only the top of the dildo, glide inside her.

I didn’t push him fully inside. I started moving only the top in and out, to stimulate her vagina. With the help of the cream, the plastic penis was easily gliding in and out of Vanta’s vagina. She closed her eyes and now, I pushed the plastic fully inside her. She moaned loudly, but not in a painful way. It was done; the thing was deep enough inside her. I moved the dildo, in and out her hole, and watched her. She moaned, and I saw that she felt some joy. But she was not getting excited enough, and stopped my moves with her hand. “A real dick is better,” she explained to me, and I stopped my lesson.

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