Going shopping (1/2)

When I woke up the next morning, Vanta was holding me like a big Teddy bear. As usual, my penis woke up earlier. I could feel the blood pushing through my erected penis, and I felt how excited he was about the girl next to me. My mind weakened, and I wanted to kiss. Vanta was first ignoring my lips, but then, she understood that I wanted to kiss her. She carefully opened her mouth. We kissed each other for a short moment, when I start to feel her hand sliding down my belly, towards my dick. My erected penis couldn’t wait until her hand reached him. Once Vanta found out about my erection, she made a surprised sound that could hardly be heard, as my lips were inside her mouth.

She jerked my penis, and he was happily receiving her attention. He was creating a warm and soft energy that was floating through my body, to my mind. I turned Vanta on her back and then, was licking her down her neck. I went deeper, and spent some time with both of her breast, before I continued to go further down. Once I reached her vagina, Vanta was starting to moan.

I stayed with my head between her tiny legs, and tested with my tongue, which parts of her pussy were most sensitive to her. I could feel that Vanta was enjoying it. I enjoyed it too, but my penis was unhappy and jealous with my tongue. I had to fuck her, and couldn’t wait any longer. I had to get a condom, and this cooled down the situation a bit.

We fucked, while I was holding her legs in my hands. She laid on her back, closed her eyes, and opened her mouth, while I pushed my meat inside her. With every push, my penis was happily producing more energy. He was happy because producing sexual energy seemed to be his major purpose. I planned to pull out my penis before I was coming, but my mind couldn’t handle it this morning. The energy inside my head was floating inside my brain, and I couldn’t think straight anymore. I passed the point of no return, and felt an orgasm striking me.

Vanta felt it too, and this increased her excitement. After a few seconds, my body collapsed, and I let myself fall next to her. I expected that my depressions would return soon. But they didn’t. I asked myself why, and thought that maybe Vanta’s presence had to do with that. However, it was too early for a conclusion.

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