The move (3/3)

She came home late, and I was already sleeping. I woke up once she opened the door. She was undressing herself and took a shower, before she climbed next to me on my bed. She was holding me, and I smelled her alcoholic breath. She was drunken, and still excited. She was lying next to me, but her eyes were open. She was thinking about what happened. “And? What happened?” I asked her, as I couldn’t wait to know it. She looked surprised to me, and seemed to be happy that I was awake and asked her. “Did you have your hot fuck?” She had to laugh about my provocative question. “In a way, yes,” she replied and smiled at me. “I met him in the discotheque, and we went to his room. He was an Arab, and his hotel was close by.” She stood up, and walked to her handbag. She picked up a cigarette, and came back to me.

After she sucked in a lot of smoke, she breathed it out, and went on. She explained that there were several guys that were interested in her. But the Arabian guy had money. He didn’t care about Vanta’s price. He wanted her, and paid without any hesitation. He was not nice or friendly. He treated her like a bitch which he could use. But Vanta wasn’t looking for a nice guy. She wanted it that way and so, she followed him to his hotel room. She took another deep breath of smoke, and went on. She had to knee in front of him, and take his penis into her mouth. He was standing in front of her, and watched how she blew him.

“He didn’t lick me as good as you do, Fat Man. So, my pussy was not really wet,” she explained to me. However, he still pushed his meat inside her, and it was very painful. She was kneeing on the bed, and he pushed his penis inside her, doggy style. He still watched himself in the mirror. He realized that she was not wet and so, he went with his head, down to her pussy. First, she thought that he might want to eat her pussy to make her wet. But he just spit a lot of saliva on her vagina. Then he tried it again and this time, he could push his meat inside her. He fucked her, and Vanta waited for him to come. “He got easily excited by having sex with me,” she said, “so I thought it will be over soon.” She explained her feelings to me. Already, at the next position, his time came. She had to lie on her back and spread her legs, so he could fuck her missionary. He came inside her pussy, but he was wearing a condom.

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