The move (2/3)

While I was watching porn and jerked my wiener, she was walking up and down the room, especially in front of the TV. I switched from looking at the TV to looking at her, and she noticed that. She took of her short, and sat down on one of the armchair, opposite of the couch where I was sitting on. She spread her legs, and I looked at her pink underwear, and kept jerking. She changed the position, and climbed on the chair, to show me her bum. I liked what I saw, and she was kneeing on the chair, like in a doggy style position. I was sitting on the couch, and jerked off. She tried other positions, and I enjoyed her show.

Fred was right; she was a pleasure girl. She tried to please me, and I even thought she was learning about my passion to watch porn. She wanted to know how to please me. Also, William once told me his theory, that women naturally knew how to pose with their body. He said that they wanted to attract male and therefore, know how to present their body. That was what Vanta was doing with me. Not for me alone, but also for herself. She wanted to know how to present her body, that she looked adorable to men. She wanted to please all kinds of men, not only me. I am clear about that, but still, I could enjoy watching her beautiful body. I developed a beautiful energy, jerking off on my girlfriend. This energy made me feel good, and I felt so relaxed.

We had a beautiful dinner together. We went to one of the small restaurants, in the quiet parts of the walking street. Not where all the go-go bars were. We found a nice place in one of the smaller and darker streets. I felt happy, and sensed that also, for Vanta; it was nice to go out together. We talked a lot with each other, and we were both excited to know each other. I felt that she really liked me, and that she really was happy that I let her move in. She was eager to find out about me and her new life, and so, I really felt like having a girlfriend that liked me.

Once we returned to our room, she was taking a shower. I sat on the couch, and dreamed about having fun with her on the bed. But once she came out of the bathroom, I got shocked. She started to get dressed again. Not for going to bed with me. She was dressing herself to go out again. She didn’t even ask me if I would like to go out with her or anything like that. She was not planning to go out with me. Maybe she met with some friends, or she would go out alone. But hell no! She wanted to meet other men. She realized that I was staring at her and said, “I will go and look for a hot fuck now.” I felt hurt first, and was sure that she meant to hurt me by the way she said it. Now, she wanted to have some erotic adventure? She was expecting that something exciting would happen to her. Something she could talk with her girlfriends about.

I realized that this won’t be me. But even I, felt hurt about her comment; I realized that this were her honest thoughts and feelings. It was clear to me that I was not her hot adventure, and started to appreciate her simple, maybe, insensitive way to let me know. I even wished her an exciting evening. Before she walked out the door, she came to me, and gave me a kiss. I really felt that she liked me.

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