The move (1/3)

I was nervously waiting for her to come. “After lunch,” she told me. She called me after I told Fred that it would be okay for me to let her move in. She said she will come after lunch, but it took her until 3pm to arrive at my door. Still, I was glad that she checked in, at my studio room. I informed the reception, and they added her data to me and my room. They didn’t really care; even though we were a strange couple.

I showed her where she could place her stuff and then, I had to make use of my right as her boyfriend. I kissed her long and intensively on the bed, and we played with each other’s genitals. I ate her pussy and then, I took a condom, and fucked her. Not very long, only a couple of minutes. I tried to avoid coming. I learned that while I watched hours of porn. If you can stop jerking off before you come, then you can have sex all the time. This was what I wanted, and this was what I could do now, with her – I’m with my new girlfriend.

I also remembered what she told me about her customer, who gave her the handcuffs. He let her blow him until he almost came. Then he stopped, and made a break. So, it was not only my science that taught me to avoid coming while watching porn. Also, other men developed that method, in order to have longer sex.

She would take it, and didn’t mind that I pulled my penis out of her pussy before I was coming. She thought it was strange, but didn’t mind. She knew me a bit, and already experienced that I was starting to develop in a strange direction. She knew that I masturbated all the time, and that I tried to have sex with myself, the whole day. She didn’t mind that I used her to satisfy my sexual pleasures. Even when I watched a porn movie and jerked off, she just sat next to me, and watched a few minutes with me. She was not attracted to porn, I guess. But she was attracted to my jerking off. I was happily surprised to find out this side of her.

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