A conservation with Fred (3/3)

It all disappeared by the thought that this lovely young girl would live with me. I would somehow, have a girlfriend again. Not in a normal sense of course. I mean, she didn’t love me, and she only moved in because she could move out from her parents. She wanted to experience more freedom, as I understood Fred. So, she would tell her parents that she moved in with her boyfriend, and they would be fine when she tells them that her boyfriend is a rich foreigner. Of course, she didn’t know anything about my finances, but to her, I was rich, Fred explained to me. To her parents, I would be rich as well, and they wouldn’t mind, and accept that she moved in with me. That I am an old fat guy didn’t matter to them. What’s important was that I am wealthy.

But Fred also explained to me that Vanta would need her freedom. What he meant by that was clear to me as well. She would fuck around like a bitch. So, there would be no change compared to her present lifestyle. Fred suggested I should let her go. She is a pleasure girl, and will always look for pleasure. I couldn’t change her, and if I would like to live with her, I would need to accept that she had other men. Even if I would pay her a lot of money and make her accept not to have someone else, she would cheat on me, he said. “I don’t want to say anything bad about her. But she will enjoy herself, and earn money with her body, even the next coming years. She knows she is beautiful, and wants to use this as long and as much as she can.” His words are still popping up in my brain, and it makes me feel strange about my decision to let her move in.

But, on the other side, I don’t have much to loose. I am still hurt from my last relationship. What kind of relationship was that? I have to take a deep breath, and close my eyes. What am I complaining about? That Vanta fucks around? At least she is honest. My wife fucked with my best friend behind my back. Now, I am full of pain, after they both cheated on me and destroyed me. So, what am I complaining about this young Asian hooker, who just wants to have fun and make some money. This kind of relationship might be even better than my last one – at least, it would be honest.

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