A conservation with Fred (1/3)

“Can I ask you something personal, Fat Man?” Freddy asks me. Fred and I call each other from time to time. I don’t really know what he wants, but as this is not really a question someone denies, I ask him to go on. “You really like Vanta, right? I think you’ve fallen in love with her, right?” I feel bitter about his question. I didn’t expect that kind of deep question from him. But this gay cocksucker got it right. He seems to be smarter than William, as he doesn’t sense anything. I feel uncomfortable, and replied in a heroic way, “Yes, I like to have sex with her.” But Fred is too smart to believe the shit I told him. “You don’t need to be shy; Fat Man. Loving a woman is fine. I also love them, but in a different way of course.”

I have to smile listening to him. He is gay and so, doesn’t want to have sex with women. I realize how close I am with him. Even as he is gay, I’ve never had such a good relationship with a gay man. Actually, I never really knew a gay man. But Fred is different, and I sense why. He is bringing me the most beautiful women I’ve ever fucked. Maybe it works like with animals. Even predators that are in captivity, develop a positive relationship with their guards. They may hate the fact that they lost their freedom, but as they get food from their guards, they develop positive feelings towards them.

“You always ask about Vanta, and both of you meet so often,” he goes on. “You know, here in Thailand, if a foreigner meets with the same lady three times, they are already a couple.” What he’s trying to tell me, made me confused. “I also met with Katy three times,” I replied.

“That is different,” he insists that my relationship with Vanta is different. “Katy is married, and you love to fuck married women,” he explains. “But Vanta is your love -the girl that makes your fat head jump up.” He knows that I hate it when he makes jokes about my fat body, but I know that he loves it. He loves to be so direct, and he knows how he can touch you.

“Don’t be an idiot and deny it. I could see it from the day you met her. You remember the food court at the mall?” “Sure, I do,” I replied, and to justify myself, I added, “She looked very beautiful, and I liked that.” Freddy gets slightly angry, “Bull Shit. You are an idiot, and you don’t understand that I’m trying to help you. I am not calling because I want to tease you that you fell in love with a hooker. I am your friend, even you don’t appreciate me. I want to help.”

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