He didn’t want to come

“After he bandaged me, his attitude changed. He was not the nice guy anymore. I had to blow him all the time. He didn’t want to come. So he asked me to suck him, and whenever he felt like he was close to come, he stopped me. Sometimes, we made a break and we sat on his bed to watch TV.” I stopped masturbating to make some pictures of Vanta. It looked so hot how she was standing in front of me, with her hands behind her back, and her short at her knees. Her red G-string was hot, and I felt that this would be beautiful pictures. Then I continued to ask her, “He didn’t fuck you?”

“Later yes, but first, I had to blow him. Then he was coming, and left his semen on my belly. He didn’t allow me to shower. I had to stay next to him on the bed, with his white cum on my belly. It was disgusting. After a break, I had to take his penis into my mouth again. Once he was hard again, he fucked me.” I had enough photos, and asked her to come to me. I pushed her underwear down, and played a while with her vagina. Then I asked her to go back to her position. Once she returned to her initial place, I continued to make pictures, and she continued her story.

“It was the same over again, as before. He fucked me, and before he would come, he stopped and we had a break and watched TV.“ I had enough for now, and after I had taken enough pictures, I asked her to stand before me again. This time, I tasted her belly and her pussy. I took all the juices her vagina provided to me. I was certain now, that I could make a porn movie with her. She was handcuffed, drunken, and horny. I asked her to turn around and bend over, so I could lick her from behind. I also took some images while she was standing. Then I got my wooden dildo, which Vanta already knew, and pushed him into her vagina. I made pictures of her vagina and the dildo. Also, I made her another Whisky Soda, with too much whisky, and got myself a beer.

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