I will do whatever you tell me (2/2)

Maybe one thing was missing. I let go of her, and walked toward the kitchen of my little studio. “You are too nervous. I will get you a drink. And by the way, this recording is only for me.” I let her know. She looked at the camera, full of suspicion. Then I returned to her with a Whisky Soda that had too much whisky in it. “Do you still want to be my sex slave?” I asked her once I was standing in front of her with the drink. She smiled and confirmed that she would do so. I had to feed her like a baby, as she couldn’t use her arms to drink. So I had to place the drink softly on her lips and then, slowly lift it. She swallowed as much as she could get. Some of the whisky soda was running down from the side of her mouth, and ended up on her t-shirt. But most of the drink was consumed by her.

I went to the kitchen to get another drink – this time, for myself. “Or, would you like to deny that you are a bitch that fucks everyone for cash?” I asked, while I was on my way. “Only, since I am 18.” She suddenly said. “Really, I just started to fuck tourists since a couple of weeks. Before, I couldn’t go to their rooms.” This made sense, as prostitutes normally had to give their ID to the security at most hotels. There, they would also check her age. But I wanted to know where she got the handcuffs from. “The handcuffs you are wearing now, you got them from a tourist, right?” I knew I was right. I felt it. “Yes, I met him in Bangkok. Just a few days ago.” She confessed.

I picked up a drink and the photo camera, and then I went to the bed. I knew that the film camera was recording Vanta and me. I pulled off my short and underwear at once. My erected penis caught Vanta’s eyes. She was confused for a second, and looked at the camera. Then back to my penis. I knew that she was surprised that I was recording us that way. She was not used to this kind of settings. This had nothing to do with her fashion shootings.

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