I will do whatever you tell me (1/2)

I went on, while I switched on the camera, and pointed it towards Vanta. ”Repeat it,” I commanded. “You will do everything I ask you for the next 24 hours,” I told her what she should say in her own words. “I will do whatever you ask me to do,” she said. Then I took 200US$ out of my wallet, and walked to her, and asked her to count it. The camera was still recording us. She counted it and wanted to put it in her pockets. But I stopped her. “No,” I said. “I will put this in the safe and if you really did everything I asked you, I will give you the code.”

She looked sad as soon as I took the money from her. I took the cash and the camera, and filmed how I locked the money away in the room safe. Then I walked to the couch, and took the handcuffs. I placed the camera back on the tripod, and walked to Vanta. The camera was recording us. “You will be my sex slave for the entire day. Turn around,” I commanded, and she followed without hesitation. I handcuffed both of her hand behind her back.

“Now tell me how you got this hand cuffs. And tell me the truth – not the bull shit. I know you are a bitch that opens her legs for everyone who pays enough.” I felt so powerful now. The handcuffs, and her desperate financial situation, gave me strength and in the same way, it made her weak. She replied, ”Do I have to speak into the camera? Who do you want to show that?” I walked to her, and kissed her. First, she didn’t want to open her mouth, but soon, she let it happen. I felt that she was in my trap now. With her hands handcuffed at her back, she had a very weak position.

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