I always dreamed about fucking a woman in handcuffs and now, this beautiful Thai girl dropped them on my couch. This automatically meant that I could fuck her handcuffed. She also placed more cloth on the couch, but I didn’t pay any attention to it. My eyes were fixated on the metal handcuffs, and my mind was dreaming about what I would do with Vanta, once she put these handcuffs on.

“How much will you pay me?” she asked me when all her cloth was on the couch. I just replied that I would pay as usual. “But I need more” she replied. So, I said that only who does more earns more. “Where did you get the handcuffs from?” I asked, and I felt bad about it, as I actually didn’t want to ask that question. I didn’t want her to know that I was interested. I wanted her to think that I was not so interested in her, to get the price down. “I got it from a friend,” she replied. ‘A friend,’ I thought, and didn’t really believe it. “Fat Man, come on! I really need some money. Let’s stop playing games. I know you like me. Fred told me that you kept on asking about me. I am 18 now, and I want to change my life. I am bored living at home, and I want to have my own life. But I need money to move out from my parents. Will you help?”

My dreams seemed to become true. Vanta was really willing to do everything. I got her. “Ok, I will double if you really do everything I ask you to do,” I offered to her. “I will do whatever you tell me. I will be your bitch.” She said this in a way that I was convinced that she was honest. But still, I didn’t want to talk about the porn movie I wanted so desperately, to make with her. I had to do it now. “O.K. let’s film our agreement so that nothing is forgotten.”

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