The Deal

Then a few seconds of total silence occurred. I knew it was up to her to act now. “O.K. I will do whatever you ask me to do Fat Man,” she added. Now, I was interested. “Really? Everything?” I asked, and I felt how my penis got hard instantly. As tired as he was a minute ago, Vanta’s words changed everything. “Yes, really everything,” she replied. My mind was immediately thinking about making a porn movie with Vanta. She would fit well in my collection. However, I was not sure if she really would do it, or if she was only referring to sex without a camera. As I didn’t reply, she added her reason, ”I really need to change something in my life and therefore, I need some money.” That sounded reasonable to me, and I wasn’t interested in more anyway; I wanted my movie with her.

I thought about how I could trap her and said, ”Ok, you can come for a photo shooting. Bring all the bitchy cloth you have, and I’ll get the camera ready.“ I didn’t say anything about making porn. I wanted to have some points unclear. I’ve only shot nude pictures of Vanta and so, she’ll think that this was all I wanted. That was the bait for her to accept to come. Once she was here, the real negotiations could start. I prepared the cameras while she was on the way. I had one camera which could film, and one that would make pictures. So I placed the filming one on a tripod, and the one to make pictures, I would use in my hand. So, I would be able to film how I make nude pictures, and hopefully, more.

It still took a lot of time until she arrived. I didn’t look at the watch, so I was not sure if it only felt like hours, or if she really needed so long. However, it was still early, so we had the entire day for us. She had a cheap plastic bag with her, which was stuffed with more of her clothes. Like always, she was wearing a very short trouser. Her clothes fascinated me, and I wanted to see it. So I asked her to put everything on the couch. She brought a school girl’s dress. Not such a kind that school kids really wear, but one that is extra sexy. Then she put some of her underwear on the couch, which made me immediately excited. Then she dropped a pair of handcuffs on the couch. My heart stopped beating when I saw the handcuffs.

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