Dark Shadows

I was exhausted. The alcohol and the sex made me tired and weak. I didn’t feel to have sex anymore. I just had enough. I simply wanted to sleep and have peace. It took me a while until I realized that I didn’t know what to think about. I was not used, anymore, to think about something else than sex. I was so excited about it, that I lost track about any other topic the previous days.

That seemed to be a problem. I was lying in my bed, and tried to concentrate on something positive.  However, my mind was immediately thinking about my past, which was extremely frustrating. My mood went down, and I sensed that I would fall back into my depressions, sooner or later. I tried to focus on something else, but there was nothing I could focus on. It was as if my whole mind just knew Pattaya and the problems of my past.

Suddenly, my phone ringed and as I picked it up, I was thrilled by a surprise. It was Vanta, who returned from Bangkok. She didn’t waste any time for an introduction talk and came directly to the point. “Fat Man, I need your help,” she said. I asked what I could do for her, and again, she directly came to the point; ”I need money.” I acted as if I was surprised, but I wasn’t. Maybe she could have been a bit less direct, but I knew what she wanted. However, the last days in Pattaya, with all the prostitutes, made me quite relaxed. “We all need money, Sweety,” I said, to show that I was not touched by her request for help.

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