Let your Ego Die. Develop Sexual Intelligence!

“What is Mitch waiting for? Why is she sitting on the bed? Guess what :-)!”

End the believe that you have to play a game where a few men take all the women. Surrender and let your ego die. Because it brings you down and kills your real you. Your ego wants to own your woman, your lover or wife. But your ego wants to own all the beautiful women as well. Am I right? Your ego hates your competition. The guy who just fucked your sexy colleague you so desperately wanted to fuck yourself.

Understand  that you are being used. Take the advertisement for example. The adds that presents the beautiful women next to a shitty product you suppose to buy. And once you bought it you realise how stupid you have been. That you have been cheated. Probably by the guy who sold you his shitty product with the help of a nice chick.

So ask yourself what is more honest. An advertisement that I described above or the advertisement of porn website. Both show beautiful women that you naturally feel attracted to. But the advertisement for the shitty product is cheating you. The porn side is not. However you society doesn’t mind if you buy shitty products. But when you watch porn it says its bad. Is this intelligence? No, it is not.  Those believed cripple you and hinder you develop yourself.

But you don’y have to play it that way. Look what you are experiencing are your natural instincts that mother nature gave you. In contrast to what all other people are telling you, mother nature is a bitch. She is not the warm hearted woman that takes care of you. May other people tell you that shit. But I won’t. Mother nature is a fucking bitch who wants one thing and one thing only from you. To fuck and impregnate a woman. She gives a shit about how it happens. If with love or without.

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