Sexual Intelligence: Men’s Frustration

Maki likes to play with her pussy, before she sucks and fucks”

Do you want to have all beautiful women? Do you love their looks and the way they dress? Their bodies especially their legs, breasts and bellies? Then you are probably a normal man. However as a normal man you also know the pain to be rejected most of the times. Does this hurt and frustrate you? Yes it does hurt and still you can’t switch off your eyes and continue looking behind sexy women.

Then you are living the life of a normal man who admires women and can’t get them most of the times. Isn’t it frustrating to be a man? We men live under the rule that “the winner takes it all” and the large majority of us is not the winner. Most of us are the losers of this game. Maybe you are not the last one, but already number 2 is the first looser. So you know that the game of sex is brutal and cripples you.

You get weak and put yourself under women, because you are scared to get rejected by them. Maybe you are trying to play Mr. Nice Guy and are trying to be kind and sweat to women so they may open their legs for you. But most of the times they don’t. Am I right? Even you try everything to please them. Instead you hear how the woman you admire got screwed by a rich guy or b Mr. Handsome for who she would do anything.

You don’t have to live like that and you shouldn’t. Surrender this game and admit you lost. Admit you are a looser, but stop playing this game. That might be painful for you as well, but once your old you died, you can work on you new personality with sexual intelligence. Once you surrendered you can erase you old believes. End the pressure that you have to be perfect and the believe that you are not beautiful.

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