Masturbation can be too intensive

“Isn’t Kikai sweet? See her sucking a fat white dick and getting it from behind”

This happens again and again many times a day. And yet it is never the same. Sometimes they bar fine her, sometimes they fuck her on the couch, sometimes other men are watching and sometimes they join and then the threesome or gang bang is starting. There is enough variety in sex that it doesn’t get boring so far.

Still there is much more to say about masturbation. One might think that masturbation only makes fun watching your wife or other live couples. But this is exactly not true. Let me develop a ranking of the most intense masturbation actions. Watching my wife fucking with strangers is one of the most intensive masturbation feelings. To be honest sometimes it is getting to intense and I prefer not too watch.

This is important to understand, because many of my friends and clients think that I am an extreme person who is blessed with incredible much sex and that they are in a much worse situation. So they think they cannot have much fun with masturbation. This is fully wrong. Even I am blessed with a wife who gets physical with her clients all the time, I sometimes close the sliding room of our bed room, so I don’t have to watch my wife sucking another man.

The reason therefore is not that I don’t want to see how another man fucks my wife as I would be jealous. No that is not the reason. I just can’t have this intensive from of sexual energy in me right now. Look, as described before watching my wife with another man creates sexual energy. But this form of energy is much more intensive compared to watching a normal porn movie.

You might have realised that also masturbating on hardcore porn is more exciting then masturbating on nude images. So on images which don’t show sex like sucking or fucking, but only a naked woman. So there is a different intensify in the material you watch and you can’t say more intensify is alway better. Sexual energy doesn’t work that way. Like with poison it depends on the doses. So if you lower the intensity of an poison e.g. by mixing it with a harmless substance, a poison can turn into a medicine. But if you increase the level it can kill a person.

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