What is a Monger?

“Fat Man: I highly recommend TukTuk Patrol”

Monger in the normal definition is simply a dealer. Somebody who trades good.s A common use of the word monger can be found in connection with war. A war monger is a person who somehow deals with war.

However this is not the rout we are interested in. In Pattaya as well as everywhere else in South East Asia when you hear the term monger you are talking about a sex monger. Those are people who trade with sex. As to my opinion a much better type of trade then war, even society is often seeing it otherwise. But this should not be our topic now. A sex monger is somebody who deals with sex and this could be all kind of people, women and men, old and young.

I would even go as far as to say that somehow everybody is dealing with sex like the fashion industry, the movie and entertainment industry and so on. Sex is everywhere and plays a fundamental part in our decision making. So we all have to deal with sex, but this is also not the rout I would like to take. Let’s go deeper into a particular part of sex mongering, that is referred to in South East Asia – prostitution.

Also prostitution is an area where generally both women and men participate as buyers and sellers. We might think of the growing lesbian sex tourists that are visiting Thailand, or at those ladies who are looking for their Bali Cowboy. Even women also like to buy men or other women, however the normal meaning of a monger is a man who is buying sex from a women. Herby all kind of men buy sex in South East Asia, local men, expats and sex tourists. In contrast to common believe the part of sex tourism in South East Asia is only playing a smaller role, compared to the entire sex business.

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