Stop Pleasing Others. Please Yourself!

Carla was picked up at a bar and brought to the hotel for shooting porn”

Because in fact it is even worse. Who else do you need to please: The state, the government, your religion and the society. And when will you start satisfying your needs. And under which rules do you want to do it. Under the rules of your wife, your government or your religion.

There is a saying in Asia that I learned:”Power is not given to someone, but it is taken by the one who rules”. So when are you going to rule for yourself? Do what you love and let your true nature come to surface. I am talking about the hulk-like creature within you that wants to fuck all the women in the way you like it.

Let go of your believe in ownership. You don’t own nothing. Neither your wife nor your family. Let your wife go for her pleasures and let yourself go for yours. Masturbate whenever you like and on the most nastiest material. Visit hookers and let them please you the way you want. Let your phantasies develop and control them not. As your phantasies are showing you who you really are. That’s not always a pleasure. However it is always better to live a true life by yourself, then the one of someone else like your government or your church’s. So if you are gay accept it. If you like Ladyboys than fuck them. Nevertheless use your brain. Develop your own sexual intelligence.

Take me as an example. I am a voyeur who loves to masturbate. Of course I also love to fuck. But I spend more time to watch and jerk off on other people. Often on strangers who are fucking my wife. Is that honourable? No it’s not. At least not if you see it with the eyes of society. But I don’t give a shit.  That’s who I am and this is how I prosper. Remember mother nature is a bitch and we are all her children. Nothing we are doing and independently how good we think it is, is changing anything on that.

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