Da’s Pimp worked for the U.S.Army

“Fern likes the taste of Cum”

One night when Da went home from one of her client it happened that she met her first Pimp. Ram was always standing in front of a hotel where many American soldiers were booked in. He approached the GIs once they left the hotel and offered transportation, drugs and women to them. Ram approached Da as one of the GIs asked for a women, but his other girls were busy at the time.

Da was interested in the job and so they went inside the hotel. Ram had a free pass and could enter the hotel whenever he wanted. He was well known to the hotel staff. He brought her to a room were he knocked on the door. An American opened, Ram talked to him on english, which Da couldn’t really understand and then Ram pointed to her. The American seemed to be pleased, took her into his room and fucked her. After the guy was done with her, she left the room.

From that day the young Thai Lady went often to Rem and asked if he had a job for her. Sometimes when she had nothing to do at night she simply visited Rem and waited next to him till a client came.

Rem by himself was far away of being a holy monk too. Besides taking his share for connecting the girls with his clients he also fucked his women whenever he desired. There was a small backyard close to the place in front of the hotel where they were normally waiting. One night he brought Da to that backyard, pushed her against a wall, pushed up her skirt and down her underwear to take her from behind.

Each of his ladies got this treatment and he hardly changed the position. The girls knew  it and talked about it. Whenever Rem disappeared with one of them, the others joked and said she is having a Rem-Injection. The women didn’t mind him doing this and even got jealous if one of them was picked too often by Rem.

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