Daniel’s Past

“Fat Man: I highly recommend AsianSexDiary”

I asked him how long he would already been living in Pattaya and he replied that it would be soon two years. I joked and said that he must have been very active and he just smiled and said ”White and black people were made by god, but the brown people where made by the Portuguese”. Then he waved his hand, showing me that he was slightly disgust by his own words and explained that this was an old saying in Portugal.However he hated this nationalist saying actually. He just liked to fuck and after living in Brazil for many years he was moved to Asia by his company.

He didn’t liked that at all as he loved Brazil. At least his company was flexible with his location and so he has chosen Thailand. He was a sales person who had to fly around to visit clients. I kept on asking and he explained that he had more pictures of Brazilian women, but thought the collection of Asian women would fit better to my bar.

Daniel was indeed a good sales person and he was also the one who explained that I needed a few products to sell. As I couldn’t sell the movies of my private porn collection as they should stay 100% private, he suggested me that I should sell normal Thai porn. As I had tons of that on my hard drives this was an easy thing to do.

When we returned to Vanta and the two tourists, who were all three sitting on our couch and were watching my porn movies, he took over control. He separated Vanta from both men and asked her to sit down with him on the one of the armchairs. Then he explained his two new friends that even Vanta would be my girl friend, she would be here to pleasure all men. In order to outline his words he asked her to take off her shorts and her top, so that she was only waring her underwear.

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