Daniel and his 289 Asian Women

Daisy is a tall sexy woman. I like seeing her doggy style fucking.”

Daniel was a Portuguese guy who was really cheap. He was always looking for a bargain and hardly put anything into our tip box that was placed on the couch table. Normally our visitor always tipped us very gently as we didn’t charged for the drinks. Actually they tipped more than they would have paid at a simple bar which made us proud as it showed us they enjoyed their stay.

Daniel however didn’t tip us at all unless we started to make jokes about it and only then he just tipped the very minimum. However he contributed highly by bringing many tourists to our place. In order to get a discount from Vanta he brought new people to her. He seemed to be out in bars  every night and talked to many tourists. He showed off to them and told them that he would be a great pussy hunter in Pattaya and a guy who knew where to go. Maybe he did. He bought his new friends to us. He sold us as a secrete place where only Pattaya insider would go and this seemed to be a good selling point.

After he came to visit us the first time together with Sick Bastard, he returned very soon. Only a couple of days later he came with two tourists who wanted to know the secrete monger bar of Fat Man. Besides the two men he also brought about 289 picture sets of prostitutes he made while he was living in Pattaya. It were 289 sets of different women. He didn’t made porn pictures with them. Most of the images showed the women fully dressed in a bar, at a discotheque, somewhere in Pattaya or at his apartment. Many women were only shown in fully dressed. Only a few women he photographed ended up fully naked. He confirmed to me that he had slept with all those women and I respected that.

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