Super Monger: Dars

There are men who do it from time to time with hookers. Then there are men who regard it as a hobby to sleep with prostitutes. Those men I would see as mongers. But there are those men who dedicate their life to mongering. Those men I regard as super monger.

Dars is such a man. For more than 5 years he travelled the world and fucked whores from all over the world. Thereby he took hundreds of pictures and videos. He shared them with me. That’s why I know that he is for real. Dars is a true super monger.

He travelled Chile, Colombia, Philippines , Cambodia, Ukraine, Dominican Republic, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Macao, Brazil, Kenya, Venezuela and Thailand.

From all these countries he showed me many pictures with a lot of women. His collection is truly amazing. I saw pictures with condom and without. Most of the women he fucked were absolutely adorable. The images show the ladies in their street outfit, in nude poses, sucking Dars and get fucked by him. Most of the women he fucked were from the Philippines, Thailand, Macao,

Vanta met him by surprise in a bar in Pattaya. They started to talk and were already working on the sex business, but  he continued asking her about taking photos. As Vanta normally doesn’t do this, but didn’t wanted to lose this client, she brought him to me. She mentioned her husband and his bar and Dars was interested.

That’s how I met him and that’s how we became friends. He watched my movies and I wanted his stuff. We talked a lot and had to exchange a lot of information. Finally I declared him as Super Monger and that made Vanta change her mind about the pictures. For such a guy she agreed to make nude and porn pictures to be part of his private porn database as well.

Dars also shared his pictures with me. I am collecting the Photos of many mongers. I think such treasures should be preserved forever.

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